Rajiv Gabriel – Calm,Charm and Clever

I dont remember when I first met him,but couldnt digest that I cant meet him again. He takes care of you like a father,treats you like a friend and makes you feel like his peer. I absolutely enjoyed each and every moment with him. Not only me , I am sure many have felt it and the man truly enjoyed being with people.

I got close to him during my Kannur trip,rather would say his Kannur plan. Kannur was his hometown and he wanted to start a toastmaster club there. Hence to showcast a demo I was part of that cast which included Rajeev and Zac too. It was a long train journey not only in to Gods own country but also in to this wonderful mans heart. I felt humbled before the passion he showed towards doing something good to his home town. He shared a lot about his early days and together I felt like a oldest man looking at the gimmicks he other Rajiv and Zac made in that time. From that trip, I always had a special admiration and close observation for his traits with a hope of imbibing them some day.

He must be the source of energy which Sysbiz reflected in toastmasters arena. He used to visit my club on important occasions and encourage us too. He does things beyond our imagination to keep things flowing and I saw that in close quarters during Ovations. Never saw him expressing his anger at anyone even if he had. He might have had his own way of doing it effectively.  When I say toastmasters in Chennai I get a group photo in mind and he is right there in the center of that frame. But its hard to believe/imagine that he is not going to be there when I return to Chennai.

Rajiv – You left irreplaceable impressions. You also reminded us life is short and inspired us to lead a good one. I dont have words – you are a peerless guy! You shouldn’t have left us like this.

Though we got acquainted in toastmasters, we have a relation which extended beyond it. Even your physical death couldnt terminate it. You live in our thoughts for ever.Rajiv.


One Response to Rajiv Gabriel – Calm,Charm and Clever

  1. Ajit nayar says:

    That was a very eloquent and touching tribute, Deepak. Rajiv was all that you said and more. He took me in as a stranger when i first came to mumbai in ’88, without expecting anything in return. I will never forget his wide smile and infectious laughter. He was an angel in disguise. No wonder God wanted him back so soon. May he rest in peace.

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