We arent fucked up… Away we go!

Sam Mendes must have got a doubt himself whether he would be avoided by couples especially after “Revolutionary road” where he pulled out the differences between them. But hence he has followed up with a movie which we all will fall in love and produce babies!

Away we go is a tale about what happens with a couple because of their wishes for their incoming (Outcoming?!) baby. Burt and Verona arent made for each other.They have their difference and they also have plenty of reasons to fight. But rarely they do fight on screen because one of them make up for each other when such occasions arise. And as it happens in the world she gets pregnant one fine day (The way Burt senses it may be offensive to few onscreen!). Burt is all excited and says “Man you got to be ready!” and gets ready by practising all that he want the kid to learn!!!!!!!First of it is cobbling:)!The are happy for themselves and proud about their grand parents since they were expecting this for a long time. In fact Burt and Verona are staying nearby Burts parents to raise the baby with them. But since a story evolves from the surprise shock that the grandies are going on a world trip!

Verona is upset and comments that  “It takes selfishness to a new level” in a drive back to home similar to that in Rev Road. But unlike the couple in Rev Road this one doesnt fight! They agree with each other that for the kid to be healthy mentally and physically it should be brought up around people. ‘Real’ people whom they have known and who will be showering love to the kid. But since their grand parents are gone they have no one to count to and feels desperate and depressed. It is at this time my most favourite scene in the movie comes up

She: I am 34 and you are 33 and we havent figured out this basic thing!


she: This basic thing of where to live! We havent figured it out.. We are fucked ups!

He: We arent fucked ups.. We arent fucked ups.. (A dozen times)

Though when they utter this they dont have enough conviction in it, the rest of the movie is a visual proof for the above line. They decide to travel around and check out their relatives and friends in the hope of finding a place to raise this new little thing they are about to bring the world.

Verona comments that “This is exciting if we think about it” and nods for it.They travel around to different cities and its a visual treat for us. Also at each place they have stocked loads of intellectual treat too. They meet a too-much-obsessed to fun family (Veronas boss), a lady who is suffering the pain of finding/maintaining  love (Veronas sister), Burts sister who never uses stroller and who practices  some crazy spiritual thing.No place seems to be the place for their beautiful little child. They  dont want their child to be screwed up out of the womb!

And then they find a perfect place a old friend in Madison who has a bunch of adopted kids and keeps a family which has fun and frolic all around. And they seem to live in balance too. Inspired by it the lead pair call it THE PLACE. But in a very short time they find out that the couple of the house dont have a kid of their own and she is so much envious of Verona. The family had suffered lot of mis carriages and they are still trying for it. Then comes a call from Burts brother that she was left alone with a kid by his woman. These two fly there and get us the look of a suffering family.

What follows then is an interesting discussion and happy ending. Yes it is a feel good movie and also an romantic flick but not a bit contrived! It gets around and passes its comments about the society’s helplessness at times. “Insurance for an insurance!? They have made us afraid about everything!”. And for those who still avoid parental guidance  movies,stay away this movie has some shots which you will put you in distress if you only see the sensual part of it. But when you realise whats happening within them, you will feel that this movie has managed to be blend it well and I admire it for that reason. A road trip format enhances the visual delight in it and camera is absolutely fascinating!

The movie itself is like a music and it has got nice musical track too. Its a wonderful watch for a friday evening. I watched it on a Thursday night and I felt like Its Friday!

Above all there is a saying in it … That becoming parent is not easy ..” You have to be so much better than you have ever been!”.

Man anything which can make you better is awesome and I see that line come true in my parents and many parents around. Cant wait to be better to be a parent ? Or cant wait to be a parent which can make me better! I am torn between the two lines and hence “Away I go ” now!




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