In America!

Yes I am in America but this post is not about me being in America but about the movie “In America!”

Its has become one of my favorite movie not just because it was the one I watched last but because I found several good things for the first time in a movie and which I am trying to freeze as memories through this post.

Why did I chose it?

After watching My Girl my penchant for cute little girls hit a high and I picked this one which had two little girls on the front and a ‘good’ synopsis on the back. I sensed it should be a poignant tale and it was but in a different enjoyable way.

Well whats it about?

Its about an Irish family – a struggling theater artist, supporting woman and two cute little girls who chose to be ‘illegal immigrants’ in USA. If you think that all of united states is what they present like in another movies,then you have to see this movie to break that myth. It contains people of all colors and types.Rich to rags and sometimes the life of the latter is very difficult around the other. This movie depicts those struggle in an adorable way. Its a tale which you will distaste but when topped up with other human pleasures you find it edible.To sum up in a phrase this movie showers light  “on their struggle in the dark!”

Whats is that you found ‘first’ in this movie?

Its pace – it was racy and sober and ebullient at the same time. Every time they encounter a struggle your heart pounds faster and you can place yourself in the shoes of the lead pair and experience ‘Life’. Since its a movie and was intended to be a ‘feel good’ one too..they conquer their struggles. But it also serves its purpose by showing the why its better to struggle that  way. The lead pair face their struggle for the two cute little girls and those girls are the primary reason why anyone would find the movie interesting.

The film also touches upon the life of those whom we would turn of faces away when face them on the street. The film sounds cute because the elder girl “Christy” narrates it for us. She also carries a cam corder in her hands and we get to see some of the scenes through her eyes .  The camera doesnt really amuse you but it was amazing telling a tale on its own in every frame.

Characters were carved out of a real life story and every little character justifies the time it occupies your screen. And the deceased  ‘Frankie ‘ who doesnt appear on screen seems to be the center around which ‘the struggle ‘ gets the strength from.

Okay what else?

Dialogues!  “I had a bad day!” .. “The whole world had a bad day!”. At what happens after that fits well Darwins “Survival of the fittest” theory and encapsulates the capitalistic cannibalism which is so prevalent. I havent introduced the characters and hence it seems difficult to quote them now. But if you are piqued by my lousy analysis I would let you discover those details on your own. But I found my dad in the protagonists face ! The movie is artistic and realistic – it captures the different seasons in Newyork and also in human life. There is spring and there is fall! So does the rain and shine.

It could have been those kind of movies made for film festivals. It could have been those which are made to feel good in a contrived way. It could have been an action flick where the hero has to shout,fight,kiss  his woman and play with his girls.

But it wasnt , it was life condensed and stored as a stream of bytes! Well that reminds me of my other quests – need to understand how this is done – Technically! I take a resolution to have my next post about different “Resolutions!”.


To sum up in our own slangs ..” Wortha?” – VTV Ganesh. “Yep! Uyrie kudukalam but its better you give your two hours to it.You will learn to see life in life!”


4 Responses to In America!

  1. @Deepak: I have watched this movie twice so remember the story well. Loved the character of Mateo & the two girls. I love the scene where Mateo tells he is envious of the father’s life. The determination with which they have their 3rd child and the last scene where the father lets go off Frankie’s memories.

    It brings out very well how we cling onto the past.

    Beautiful movie. Agreed!:)

    • @Saraswathi I couldnt take my eyes of those two girls. Their prayers,beliefs and games – they live in their own little world. As you said the characterization and casting of lead pair was very apt. Do you know Christie and Ariel were real life sisters too!

  2. VJ says:

    ..Wonderful.. will surely watch it soon. a very humane story I presume.. 🙂 a good nugget dude!

    • Thanks for stepping in VJ. It seems that drama is a little distant genre for you,so is action for me. You can bet it on In America..the camera angles and subtle dialogues will make you cherish it

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