No matter no header!

Intended to avoid the cliche .. “Its been long since….”, but just 10 minutes left to roll over to catch my bus the only intention of putting these words was to record something here and break that writers block. Having no specific’s in mind I return to kids! The world we see as kids doesnt change when we grow up, but we learn horrible things about it and it changes within us!

In he places where I grew up , there was a  bridge which usually demands quite an effort to climb but now it seems like a tiny little place holder.What is that differentiating a kid from a grown up? I am not on the side that kids are better than grown ups but as a grown up I want the joy of being  a kid too!

So in before my bus honks I will try to capture haves and havenots!

1.Focus: As a  kid life was structured and predictable. Life didnt offer many surprises/shocks on its own so we ventured out to find them. It was a well mixed scheduled  which included monday mornings and saturday afternoons in it.

2.Mentor. Not knowing something wasnt a sin in those days. There was always someone whom we can ask about something and even if they dont answer it, we had passed the buck of knowing things to dads moms uncles and teachers. We extracted and used knowledge from them. In a way ignorance was the door to creativity. We imagined our own version of the world and when shared with seniors, you would know by their laughter that it was funny and unique.

3.Inability to remember or the ability to forget things which doesnt matter much to you! You must have come across plenty of moments where you deride a kid and he returns back in a moment for his candies as if nothing as happened before.

4.The ability to remember or the inability to forget what matters most!


And now as time catches up , I also figure out the main difference. What has changed was that ‘what matters most!:’ Again a cliched ending.. As a kid we had the present of being in the present. We lose that gift through a formal training called school,college and work!


2 Responses to No matter no header!

  1. Divya says:

    Nice post !! In all your writings pertaining to kids, i see a craving to BE a kid.. 🙂 IMO, what makes being a kid pleasurable is the very fact that one is not aware of the a kid we don’t know anything about how the system works, the system made by Man..we see the world as we see it, that makes all the difference and the society also takes us lightly and very forgiving to all our views 😀

    How i wish i could begin to see the world in my own eyes..ahem..ahem 🙂

  2. True Divya. I agree!To be a kid with the experience of an adult is tough but possible.We are slaves of our own rules. It is easy to break the bond but still date it stays intact.

    As a grown up kid I dont need society to forgive me,but I am not sure whether I can find few more grown up kids to playwith. Else being alone is no fun!

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