Dreams can come true even when u are awake!

Time: 7:50 AM After a morning walk

Song : Nenjukul peithidum mamazhai

Mood: Such a mood that even i will write an operating system from scratch..everything seems possible!

Few weeks back R had asked whether I will be interested  in visiting his friend in San Jose and roaming in the streets. I was very dull that time wasting time in and out of office doing nothing. I was initially skeptical about wasting another week end in roaming. But its ‘Silicon Valley’ .. I couldnt refuse a chance to visit the dreamlands. But little did I know about the impact it can have to me.


“Vazhkaiye kanju poi pasumaiye ellama.. (no work no hope days) ..appa thaan naan silicon valley ponen!”!  Luckily we didnt get a bus or train so we opted to fly which added to the experience. In want of time I asked R to drop me in the Intel museum as soon as we got down. Yogesh just pinged in asking whether  I have plans to come to Santa Clara when I was exactly in Santa Clara. I asked him also to come to the museum. Sivram had come with his family and Diwali sweets to meet us in the museum. I didnt knew that Sivram and Yogesh knew each other very well. Also Ramesh and yogesh knew each other. And we all got to know another genuine and in’sane’ guy Nagraj. ‘The group’ was tuned well to the same frequency!

I was IN  ‘THE P(a)LACE’  at 8:30 AM itself where the doors open only by 10:00. So I went around in search  of coffee only to see the various buildings of Intel. A lone walk thinking and realizing that  the dreams are so near and ‘the life’ is not so far. But I couldnt find a coffee inside the closed doors of Intel. Luckily I found a eating mall with ‘StarBucks’ just opposite to the place where i roamed. Roaming with internet in your hands is also a new experience to me. And this ‘smart’ galaxy is so smart that taking snaps doesnt hinder your then ‘present’ moments. Time started to freeze or flow. I was lost in the beauty of those roads and thoughts.You dont often see a road where intel and cisco are on either side of it.

Well people came and we exchanged wells and wishes. The doors opened .. Not just to the museum but to a whole new world!  I interestingly took the reverse route so I traversed from Core2 Duo to 40004! The museum deserves a  separate post! But I was like a  ‘kid’ in DisneyLand there! On an average I seemed to have snapped one click per 30 seconds. I was all charging up like an accelerated electron – writing my name in binary and standing with the Moores law! (I have been enjoying this law for a long time now..Its my favourtie because of the reason that it leads to concurrency! Just like Petrol processor speed is not ‘unlimited’!)Wow.. the dreams and aims are cooked!

There was a shop around and if I had known earlier I wouldnt have bought anything in ‘OAKLEY’ … I would have had much pride sporting a ‘INTEL’ brand in my sweaters than the ‘OAKLEY’. Sadly I had to settle with a cap. Had  the sweets and shared some sweet chats with Sivrams family.Yogesh joined us and we started our recreational part of the trip. We went along the pacific coast and saw places where hero and heriones dance in typical tamil movie songs. We started the 17 mile drive and ended it exactly when the sun set down the oceans. It was simply PERFECT!

Lunch at Thai! Dinner at HSB! Each was a unique experience on its own. We had fun at every moment! And how can a day be perfect without a movie. So after long discussion and delibration we cornered on “The legend of the guardians”. We were the four out eight guys who watched that movie  at that time in that theatre:).

A sound sleep! (Yes Yogesh heard it and asked me “Do you snore!”!). A beautiful morning walk. ‘Beautiful’ as in dictionary!!!!!!!!!! And then headed towards San Fransico. On the way came a board which said “STANFORD NEXT EXIT!” That was the only way for  ‘irregular’ ‘insincere’ ‘lazy’ and also ‘not rich’ guys like me to gain an entry in to stanford. So we didnt miss it! Went and found our way in to the stanford. It was majestic. Just the roads..we didnt see anything else. But believe me there was ‘something’ in that air!

With no place to park the car we just took few snaps and moved across to CHINA TOWN. We hunted down a spot to lunch. Loads of fun there as well! Trying other cuisines is the best way to have fun over food! The next destination was the “Golden gate’ and the spots beyond it! SanFrancisco is very very scenic. It is urban traditional and also scenic! Making it a perfect holiday destination. We roamed around and enjoyed every moment till 12 AM. Went back took good sleep. Packed up and picked up a flight back home! Yes to the ‘Hollywood’ but with loads of dreams I ran a movie which runs only in the ‘Silicon Valley’!


It is underrated if i say it was a ‘dream weekend!’  I am a dreamer but I was skeptical about my own dreams. This trip and the company I had gave me wings to fly and credibility to my dreams. I could see the dots getting connected. Little did I know I was plotting those dots even before we knew ‘Steve Jobs!’ Now our job is to control this connection and make a perfect picture! The life we desire and dream is not so far! The feeling “Its possible” makes it possible! But you dont get it for free! Do you?


PS: I dedicate this post to all my friends! They mean a lot to me than anything else! Who are my friends? Well you know it if you are reading this chances are there you are one:)



6 Responses to Dreams can come true even when u are awake!

  1. Divya says:

    I could see the excitement in your post deepak !! Really glad for you 🙂 You can now relive in those moments of your reality and work towards realizing your next dream 😉 Happy journey!!

  2. Thx Divya! You read my mind along with the post:) Usually I exaggerate experience with words but this time the experience was far much greater and it was beyond the reach of the words! Its memories like this for which we yearn for. As u said “Apprehensions can ruin your dream…”. It was like taking all my apprehensions and dropping it in the garbage can!

  3. Ashok says:

    Damn it i read your ‘Golden Gates’ and missed my ‘Golden Flats’ all the way walking from vavin now thinking about Moorse with excitement. I can see it now we are waving our hands to our future gen from the stanford gates! There is no free lunch yet keep plotting the dots! We ll get it connected!

    P.S Visting this blog doesn’t make me your friend im still a foe 😛

  4. Ha ha! Walking with dreams is always a pleasure ..so dont damn it! Thank me instead! The gates are open!It was open even before but we just got credible vision to see it! (DOUBLE MEANING:):))

  5. Shanthi says:

    You sure dont get it for free.Just dont be skeptical and give up on your dreams. This post nicely brings out the excitement you had during the trip.Cheers.

  6. Thanks Shanthi! Yep when you pay the fees promptly, you feel a strong ownership for the dreams. My dreams got even bigger and credible from those days!

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