Godavari – Clean and clear!

This is my first telugu movie (Happy days .. I never got in to it though I watched it in piece-meals!). Touted as a good movie by room mates and keeping in the mind the fame the director had ,I chose this movie to cure the ache which sticked with my head due to the heat.

One thing which I never procrastinate in my TO-DO list is watching movies and I have no regrets for watching/wasting time in this movie.

Its a simple girl meets boy story but the plot and place make it delicate and little closer to the real woes in wooing. The plot has a love triangle – the hero has  a big soft corner for his niece who were friends and quite amicable from childhood. She also likes the hero, but when it comes to life her principles are different and she couldnt see a bread winner in the hero. Hence she goes on with her dad who finds a ‘suitable’ groom for her. Torn apart by this refusal to reciprocate our hero is filled with an unknown quest to woo her. Hero is educated in America, who returns to India with an ambition to join politics. Before you start ridiculing about the ambition, the characters in the movie does it in style.Especially the girls dad does so by not trusting his daughters life to such a carefree man. Though the girl likes her cousin, her intention to lead a secured life makes her walk her dads path.Cut across, she is your average south Indian girl placed in a typical family. Most of the girls I know (forgive me if you are not of that kind and stress on the word ‘MOST’ and note its not ALL ) are of the type where they never want to go against their parents and wants a life without pain at the expense of a settled man. The hero portrayed in the movie is no where near this secured and what makes him more evil is he is away from the conventional tracks. The marriage goes ahead and is planned to happened in the place where Lord Rama and Sita met. They plan to go on a boat ride to the place through Godavari in a vessel named ‘Godavari’.

Here comes the next vertice of the traingle – a modern,ambitious girls who always dreams of marriage for wrong reasons. Marriage is a nightmare to her. She is worried whether the so called ‘marriage’ will bury her career and refuses to see the boys her parents bring up on the table. Lets go by the name from now on.. She is Sita. Not all Sita’s are lucky to have parents like the one in the movie. I hope director had preferred to do so to lighten up the screen play. Disheartened by some turn of events Sita wishes to be alone for a while and its destiny that she chose the same boat in which the other two vertice of the triangle go for a ride.

The usual hero helps heroine scenes happens in this movie too and Sita portrays a very different character than what she really is.This makes it little difficult for the hero to initially recognize that she is of his type. But still the lad seems to be impressed and keeps a stare reserved for this girl. Now this is just the start of the plot. I am not going to play spoil sport for the rest of the movie. The rest of the movie is a smooth sail across the river towards the end!

From my vast experience (Never ask how! But I do have – experience of watching 100s of such flicks) the most difficult thing in love is “How to say it?” and making the decision with the mind when the heart yearns for it. Such a tussle between the heart and the mind happens for both the girls in this movie. The heroes cousin chose to go by the mind and she doesnt have a stable mind too.:). Sita couldnt make a decision but knows what she wants. I must say the kind of characters Sita and Rama portrayed are rare breed and Sita very well knows how precious Ram is but refuses to acknowledge it until he is missed. Ram on the other hand is the do-gooder who doesnt want to initiate yet another turmoil in his life or anothers.

Message from the movie is crystal clear as the river water and the roll over voice during the titles proclaim it. “Marriage is not supposed to be a station of security. But it is a sail through the storm of life with the support of each other.!”.Parents have this insatiable urge to make everything beautiful for their girls by finding the best secured boy. But little do they recognize their own beauty has stemmed through the rose which flowered after walking lot of thorn ridden paths. And most important of all as a species we have a culture and formalised a process for the most  important task of our existence – ‘to continue our existence’. And marriage is an occasion where one chose his/her partner to accomplish this task.

In doing so one has to carefully select the kind of traits he/she would like to get his/her offspring inherited rather than the kind of  unwanted social security which is generally looked for. Life is pain and it cant be avoided but  the pain in it will be a gain when you have some one who can understand it!  Those were the thoughts kindled in my brain when I watched this movie. Well the movie was a fairy tale with an happy ending but I am not sure how it works in reality.

Marriage has lot of hypocrisy around it and its time we  stop bowing to it.


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