Status report!

I have too short time to do what I intend and too long to waste it the way I do it by watching my favorite songs. Hence here I am writing a status report about my last two months in my new location. On Aug 10 I boarded the flight for the first time in my life to HOLLYWOOD , not to act in a movie but to play a part in a tool which captures the moments for the movie viewers.

Well that doesnt matter, it still remains 0’s and 1’s,bugs and status reports and the same old hypocritic meetings. For a change the meeting times have now extended in to my wonderful evening times. One consolation I can attend them from skype, so that I am at my own will to be mentally present but virtual presence is what I am supposed to give.

I packed up couple of must read books and few other light reads. I indeed started at a healthy pace with SICP but put a hold on it when I realised it is going to be reserved for little later. I was expecting an intriguing job and electric atmosphere but I should say I was not able to spot it initially. But now things remain the same but my vision is getting better and I am making a good job for myself. My client offers me a bus ride to and from work with lunch. So it looks more like attending a school, only sad thing is the master didnt do his education well.

I spent my initial week end with toastmasters, and later went on hiking to the hills for one long week end. Then I joined a generous library which lets you take 10  books and thats my problem now:) I have read TO kill a mocking bird and cerebrated the movie. Now I am in to the second novel. My tech reads are yet to take off. I dont find quality time for it. Week days seem to packed up just to attend the office and check the facebook/twitter status:)

I realised Its not going to go far If i dont make time. Hence I am trying to wake up little early and do that bootloading morning walks. Its been three days and I should say my productivity is on a increase. Murphy never nears me when it is related to friends. Throughout my life I have had best company. They need not think/walk/talk like me. But if they dont interfere in your physical and mental space they are considered good friends and when they enter your mental space and influence it they are best friends. My best friends are always connected to me and the new ones are good ones. I actually think of thanking THE GOD in this matter but in reality I should thank some of my best friends for it is through them the connection was made. GOOD PEOPLE are like linked list, once you connect with a node the reference to other good node is always there.

Fast internet, abundant knowledge and less taxing job all set for a wonderful atmosphere and I must improve my productivity in this phase. This productivity curve will be steep once it crosses a threshold and I could see the threshold nearby.

Looking forward to cross the threshold and get towards the peerless cliff. It crossed 8:20 and time for TED now:)


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