We got a ticket for the ride – The casual cop story

This is an interesting writeup on how we got two tickets!

The team had four people H who has quite a long and good driving history in US , R who was a student here for the past two years, R2 who is a visitor like me and an innocent Deepak who dont even have a driving license back home.

We started our ride back home around seven along with the sun which was also returning to home. The road we chose was not only scenic but also smooth. Our chauffeur H was enjoying the plesant pushes in his accelerator and the soaring speed indications in his dashboard.

We were on a highway which had a speed limit of 65 mph. But I saw H soaring up to eighties. I did ask a question in my mind isn’t an offence. At once it went close to the nineties and thats when the cops radar must have caught us. I was couting the stars and shooting the spots on the camera through the window. This side of the park was more green and had plenty of lakes. The roads were also newly laid and it flowed like a river in the middle of the valley. We were getting down and we were on that highway.

Suddenly the car jolted towards the right and H was about to pull it down. I guessed it should be a good scenic spot  and H is in a hurry to catch it up. I removed my seat belts and was about to open the door. It was only then I realized there is a cop car and a cop walking towards us. I buckled up my belts and had sniffed that we have got a ticket!

The cop came and told our charges and gave not one but two tickets. R on the back was not wearing his seat belts and he was also charged. When R defended that he was ignorant and thought wearing a seat belt while at the back was an optional one, the cop gently told that he is supposed to know it.The cop was not happy with our looks and asked where we are from. When we told the details he asked us “Are you guys nervous” for which we replied NO in unison. He shoot back saying , “Guys you have crossed 90 and a made a mistake and you still say you arent nervous!”.

He went and came back after a while with the charge sheets. Noticing the cam in my hands he asked whether I needed a picture of the cop car.Not willing to bet on his reactions I politely avoided it saying there is no memory left in the camera. He later went on until he saw smiles in our faces. He told us to be careful since there are three more officers on duty down the lane. He also advised that let this incident not ruin trip and even recommended to visit a fair few miles down to chill out.

He himself expressed that he is a ‘Good officer’ and made us understand that by being polite. Mistakes are part of life and punishments are to get rid of them and not to embarrass  the self.The cop portrayed it very well and everyone of us involved had our share of lessons.The discipline on the roads is very enticing and drive is smooth when other people dont hinder your way without a necessity.

If the same discipline can come to other deeds to life, our journey will get lot better. Life is not a  race but we always fail to interpret it and create a chaos where moving forward becomes difficult. Cop and the evening will be remembered long.


2 Responses to We got a ticket for the ride – The casual cop story

  1. Venkatesh says:

    You drive the Car?

  2. Nope not yet! Waiting to learn it!

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