A days story!

It seems like I am towards the end of a very long vacation from my technical interests! I have relaxed my body and mind quite well in recent days. My head is spinning refusing to chose  a subject to read, hence I resorted to make a log of the things I did yesterday!

5:30 AM: Woke up, catched up with the walk and coffee!

6:30 AM: Was with J Krishnamurthy’s facing the world in a crisis

7:00 AM: Checking the blogs and mails

7:30 AM-9:00 AM: Since it was Karthicks last day in my room had trifles with him

9:00 AM: Cloudy atmosphere.. No work at work! Brother may call at any time for assistance! All these factors motivated me to make a holiday and I knew I had some residual sleep . Hence started to slumber

9:30 AM: As expected my brother calls! Wakes up in middle of sleep and rushed to his college!

10:15 AM: In his campus on a rainy day, recollecting my days in my college! The wait before the principal room reminded my days waiting for signature for trivial things!

10:30 AM: Coffee at Canteen and decides to watch  INCEPTION

11:00 AM: Shared an auto with fellow chennaits which seems to be the slowest on earth!However reached the theather well ahead of time. So did some window shopping in reliance digital world

12:00 PM: Inception starts! Reflected on my childhood thought “What if life was one long dream in heaven”. Poor theathre 20% of the movies dialogue was chewed! Brilliant but not a great movie! Overrated!

2:30 PM: Responds to a slew of missed call and decided not to step in to office. Tried out a new hotel puncturing my wallet!

3:30 PM Back in room! Knew very well that my body needed rest! Slept in inception style.

5:00 PM Strolled along to TOWERS PARK! It was all lighted up and humans were really happy! Kids were alluring! Weared my thinking hat and did non stop walking and thinking .

7:00 PM: This should have been reading time..I dont have a clue on what I did sitting before the computer

7:45 PM: Shopping time.. Went for the veggies and groceries

8:00 PM Couple of calls which took couple of 20 minutes

9:00 PM Assisting in dinner preparation

10:00 PM  A wholesome dinner! Rice after a long time at home! That felt damn good because we had to starve ourselves!

10:30 PM Decides to read again.. but finds my system occupied.Torn between sleep and reading wastes few minutes sits before the system to respond to mails!

11:00 PM Seeing the huge backlog of things to be done, I decide to gift myself enough rest to take them up tomorrow:)

> 12:00 PM Midnight talks with Kanak about SVN and his concerns.. Didnt knew when I slept!! Do any of you know the exact timing when we get to sleep!

Looking back at it, this is not the way my days had to be filled If I had to make my days! I want an uncertainty lurking around me to end. I must say I had given it more time than I should have! But its in the fringe of its end and hope I make better days soon. I did this post to cool my brain and I have achieved the same!


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