Meet Joe Black!

This post is a mix of review of the movie I just watched and the thoughts in my mind related to it.

Thanks to clerkdogs – when I said I liked “City of angels” the doggy barked that you must like “Meet Joe Black”. Let me cut the long story short – Bill(Anthony Hopkins)  was quite big in business who is of the kind where the president and congressmen eat dinner in his house. He has two daughters – one cute and another loud one. Loud one is little older and hence married. The cute daughter is a doctor and Bill advises her to fall/find her love.   She too finds it and misses it on the road. She is surprised to find it back in her home right next to her dad. Thats JoeBlack – a supernatural creature who comes from the sky to take you there. Some sort of ’eman’ but of a good kind. Joe Black asks Bill to  give him a guided tour-de-life and  as any other feel good movie Bill teaches Joe life with a spew of slushy and touching events. But when the film ends you feel good and indeed you get some cues on how should you meet your own Joe Black.

Hope  I havent spoiled much of your fun. You can still go and watch this movie and enjoy despite knowing Joe Black. Brad Pitt  comes in two shades and the first cameo was something similar to Mouna Ragam Karthik’s role. The first meeting of the lead pair in the coffee shop was pitch perfect. Their expressions and the gradual progressive conversation were lessons to emulate(Well I have never even said Hi to strange cute girls so far..let me try!)

Now moving to the serious part (better understood if you read it after giving the movie a watch), Joe Black is an metaphor for death. We are all sure to die when you extend your life over a certain period of time. The ‘certain’ period remains uncertain and people dont even think (atleast i dont have plans now) on when and how they want it to die. We all live life as if we have got either infinite days or just one day. Bill once remarks during his final lecture that ” I wish people were lucky as I am .. Waking up in that final morning and saying that i have got all that i wanted to have in life and i have no regrets dying”.  Well that was a movie hence he had  art director and co-artists to create what he wanted (good house + family + company…).

In real life we all aspire something similar and when we achieve a part of it, we tend to extend our desires and there is no stop to it. It goes on and on, but life has to stop at a ‘certain’ point which we arent ready to accept.  I had this crazy wish for quite some time from my college days – How about declaring  a day where you want to die and all your friends and family sending you off ; Death day! Even i laugh my heart out whenever this thought arises. But I beleive its lot better than dieing out of illness. Why not we do it when we are healthy and happy! Oh I hear you saying that i am nuts and ridiculous. So do I, but life is better when you are prepared to die at any moment. By saying ‘prepared to die’ I state that you have achieved all that you wanted to do.As my friends know I am a crazy guy and I may celebrate my death and introduce ‘Death day’. Keep watching atleast 30-40 more years to go:)

But ‘Love’ is the string which ties you with this life. Quintessentially its the affection and care on ones offsprings which makes him/her to do all that he does in life. But the known fact is that they(kids) will have to face the world without us some day and they must learn to live without us. Parents responsibility is just to make them graduate in the course called life. The kids will be on their own after graduation. If we realise this fact ‘death’ can be invited and celebrated.

And now back to the movie , When finally ‘death’ ie Joe Black understands life, Bill asks “Is it hard to let go’ for which Joe answers in the affirmative and Bill preaches “THATS LIFE”. Thomas Newman strikes the strings little hard for this dialogue so that it strikes our chords. Yes Meet Joe Black – Inspite of being little lengthy and preachy it has its moments. Cute BradPitt and charismatic Anthony Hopkins who lives with death, and that unkown adorable heroine.

“Be deliriously happy”  and be prepared to die any moment! Well I need some time for that:) Meet Joe Black to get to know him! He is a fine person for a friday evening show!


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