Mad mid twenties!

The few years in the mid twenties are the   hardest and also the determining years of your entire life.I thought of dismissing this thought as a normal thought which occurs during every phase of life. But a little more thoughts in to it, I can now vouch for the above statement with facts.

1. Mid twenties are the time when you grow apart from family and still stay at a distance in creating your own family. As a result of staying away you learn to handle yourself on your own. This brings in a lot of areas of concern which were earlier abstracted to you by your parents.

2. Most of you in my generation are dreamers and you should have felt like a cruise on course when you were out of college and got in to some x corporate in this world. As in family much of the ‘real’ corporate workings were abstracted invisible to you in your early days. But as you grow you discover more and find yourself in the wrong road towards a destination which you do not desire.This brings in a lot of hatred about the environment as well as yourself.

3. Gifted are those with a bunch of friends?? Nope ! friends end up comparing each other and they use you as a medium to measure their success. Even if you stay indifferent to those relative remarks you got to hear it from  a few who believe in it. And when it comes to the friends in the peer group everyone is bitten by the same bug as you and you see a great reflection of you in your friends. The   new ‘Bonhomie’s dont last longer and the older ones starts to decay.

Yes! But don’t the above things exist throughout life and in due course we will face  issues of greater magnitude as well. But mid twenties are difficult we realize these problems for the first time in life with that fresh wisdom. And the uncertainty factor  clogs your mind, making you do several permutation and combinations few of which are hard to live with it. Its during this phase one transforms himself from that ideal protected boyhood days to the pragmatic and public manhoods. One has to perform  few activities which he loathe making himself an hypocrite. And this transformation is pain. All pains are not gains. Only those handled well with a definite purpose in mind yields to gain.

So what makes that distinction of pain to – vain and pain – to-gain!!! Its the reason which you tell yourself to experience the pain. The reason is a very simple yet complex – ‘Love!!’! Its only when you lack it you get to groan. When you fill your heart with love and rope your deeds around it every action will get a reason.

Then there again dont question me about what to love.. either yourself or the dog or cat or the boy or girl or your code:)…. !  Love is  a reason for us to be here and its the basic principle under which the world sustains. All other phases in life provides umpteen objects to love ! Its just little harder to find in the mid tweenties!!

And personally I have a natural disability to love humans and myself. My love is on a abstract thing which i am yet to find!!! The hope of reaching it eases the pain of seeking it! When not in love fill yourself with hope!


5 Responses to Mad mid twenties!

  1. Preethe says:

    Did I just read a post written by my alter ego

    Wonderful one..
    I agree 1000% abt the freinds stuff u have said..
    may be 100000%

  2. mizan says:

    nice imaginative piece. To me, mid-twenties is turning dreams to reality, justifying thoughts through experiments, being brave to rectify self and surroundings ……..

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jerald : ‘friends end up comparing each other and they use you as a medium to measure their success’ – what a philosophy…

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