Gautham Vasudev Menon!

I have become an addict to Gautam’s style of filming without me being aware of it. When I became aware of it, I realised I was one all through my life except for Minnale.

I come from a school of thought , where ‘love’ was considered as an offence (a bad word) and the movies around me confirmed it by associating love with only the physical bonding.Love was an unofficial taboo topic in my conversations at home.

It all started with Pachai Killi Muthu charam – I fell in love with the warmth in the song to an extent that I go to office during week ends just to hear those songs. (I didnt have a computer at home then). I used to work late nights with those songs looping around recursively in my headphones. The first half of the movie depicted two romantic relationships which was portrayed with a difference.

Next came the movie which keeps me insane about kids till date. Varanam Ayiram – Gosh Its an ill made movie with a good theme ! But the theme was so good that I started living that movie! It has three romantic piecemeals and one dad-son relationship portrayed in full length. Though the Dad – Son relationship lacked vigour I liked their characterisation and all the little happenings in the family.
“Anything for you… And now anything for him..! Evan thalaiyila enna eluthirukunu theriyathu,,annna thapa ethavathu eluthi iruntha mathi ezuthuven!”
Oh splendid! These lines started reverberating in my mind! I used to tease my mom whenever she takes extra care for me but now I am afraid whether I will do the same to my kid. And the songs couldnt have come in better time.. I was dating the first love of my life during that time and those songs found a strong connect with my thoughts and strengthened my romance.(Better not to disclose what that first love is – en adutha blogla solran:))

VTV – I was so close to VA songs and I felt like its very hard to beat it and the music album too sounded like confirming it. But when it was watched with visuals and story VTV turned out to be the most innovative and meaningful music in tamil cinema. “Kannukul Kannai vaithu…” is my pick for the relevance to the movie and the lines in it. Even then VTV didnt appeal much during the first view but now I hanker for every scene of it.

Gautam’s world is like an utopia where the characters are ambitious and still hold their legs to earth unlike other movies. They dont meddle with each other even if they happen to be soul mates. Everyone has a personal space and every little decisions are made after discussions. Most important of all “Love” is not a taboo topic. The women I meet in Gautam’s screen just dont deceive me by their physical beauty but also through their witty and realistic dialogues which reflects their thought process.Jo’s proposal to Anbuselvan is a sample for it.

Most of them pursue what their heart says – some times they fly to Berkley to meet their mad love – He is mad! But dont you see the point he drives – you can be insane to the world to pursue something which makes you happy!

His movies made me think of the impact relationships have in ones life. Not just the romantic ones. He is solely responsible for driving me the thought that romance is not just not for the bodies but for the hearts to mingle and celebrate.

Now I wish that people like him get little extra time everyday so that they can give more movies which can make us happy. Isnt nice to see a life unwind on screen?

Gautam – you have a fan for lifetime in me! Continue your good streak!


3 Responses to Gautham Vasudev Menon!

  1. Meenakshisundaram says:

    Good to read your thoughts.. 🙂

  2. Gautham got an unique fan&critic. . . .

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