How did I err?

Although inspired from various sources I came out with an inspiring theme for my project-10 and delivered it with great passion. From that day I had the dream of polishing it and going contest after contest with it.

The contest season came and I struggled in reducing the 1400 word speech to 700 words. Helping hands in toastmasters helped me get a good shape to the script. I took the risk of going without a narration betting to improve on my delivery skills. I did surprise myself in the practise sessions! My script looked like a winner on paper! Of course I knew the contest is going to be tough. My main aim was to slow down the pace and start conveying words rather than just producing it. I worked on it tirelessly.

I have this habit of using my own words and I tried to recite the speech verbatim this time to preserve the impact of words. This made me lose my strong trait of being natural. I also tried unusual gesture. While it came out well in the practice sessions when i did them segment by segment, it took the most ingredient element – passion away from me when i delivered it.

The dual personality disorder stuck me again on this eventful day. At times I feel very confident and even have the power to move the mountain. At times I feel broke down and hold a pessimistic view. This cycle repeats then and there and there is something in the unconscious mind which triggers the state changes.

Now the technical evaluation:
1. I prepared! But I also didnt complete it! My main debacle was in emulating the superachivers on stage. I got the stage spacing wrong and it restricted my movement a lot.
2.No gags or no story!- I desired to connect with the audience through gestures and didnt do it which left the speech unconnected.
3.Oh My goodness! Is it overconfidence or did I overlook! I have practised the vision/enlightment part umpteen times and it was my favourite spot in the speech. When i get that word wrong in the speech no one can help me.

I knew that I am going to be at my worst the moment I woke up in the morning. Glad that my club wasnt bad enough to have me in winners list despite my worst which was probable last year:)

I couldnt accept that I didnt practice it well because it is the one speech i have practised most. Time to dust my CC manuals and repeat few of the speeches. Losing the contest isnt a big loss but it for sure shattered a dream which I had. Yet another time i have come a cropper chasing dreams.

And i guess I should never stop reading novels in the morning because it has reasonable control on the way the brain is wired. Yawn! A day with lessons.I am happy atleast i got this post after a very long gap!

Sorry Peerless and your friends for letting you down. Now is the time to show your diligence and perseverance. My speech is my inspiration. “More the mistakes the more perfect they become”!


2 Responses to How did I err?

  1. Kumar says:

    Hi Man,

    Very good narration about the prepartion and I see the flow and style which very unique to you !

    The last punch is really cool. Even I reffered it in my recent blog… If software engineers don’t make mistakes do you think of Indian IT industry!

    I stronglly encrouge you to make more mistakes 🙂 All the very best man and I wish I could see your next blog (ofcourse narrting ur win in Toastmaster..).

    Do you look at point here..If you would have won the contest do you think u would have written this blog !


  2. @kumar
    Thanks for stepping in and leaving nice impressions. Yep mistakes teaches as a lot and also gives us the most needed vigour if taken in right perspective.

    I will try to post a winning post soon. I am on the race for TT:) We have a wonderful team and 35 members in wordsmiths now.

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