During my ride today I spotted a lanky young boy about 4-5 with a bag on his back waiting outside the gates. I could sense he hasnt completed his sleep from his sombre face. But his parents were out to send him off with all love and care. And when they spotted van in the far they screamed “It has come” and the obedient boy took another bag in the hand and boarded the van.

Now stop! What is this all about.
Whether is school is so far away so he had to be packed so early to reach on time. I cant accept this being in Anna Nagar you got schools every alternate streets. It really doesnt matter where one studies until the how part of it fine. We are mad people running after brands.

Or is he being sent for some special coaching? Leave him. Those people who are appearing for board do. I get a feeling that i work hard if start to school at 6 AM and end at 8 PM. I remember my school days where i was made a zoombie and i lost all my interest towards studies because of this routine. I have even written a secret unposted letter to my saviour (I didnt know his address) groaning about my parents and teachers. (Later my parents discovered it :)). Mornings are to think and exercise your brain and evenings are to stretch and exercise your body. But why they treat this board exams with unwanted hype and mess up both brain and boy. In the process we produce servile supplicant who keep stooping all their life since they lack the know how of how things work in this world.

I wish a child spends his morning asking numerous questions to his dad. Let him have his moments. Let him pour the morning coffee in your paper and earn your wrath. Let him go and disturb the lady in the kitchen and allow him to scream waking up the entire world. Even an adult cant handle lack of sleep. A child will continue his sleep at school and you are putting his growth to sleep by distorting his sleep.

Its how we produce sick servile dumb human beings here. Common let him play.let him get hurt ,let him think on his own. Dont tell him how to do each and everything in the world that too not too drop his shit at 6:15 when the digestion itself is not complete. It cant work that way.

Dont worry my boy i will find you a school reachable by cycle and wont let you go to school without enjoying the morning beauties. You will be in safe hands:)


2 Responses to Why?

  1. Thirumalai Nambi says:

    There are many children who dont go to school ! where they end up ?

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