Fear of fear

I am afraid of fear for the sole agitation it causes in you. Our culture strives and thrives on the fear factor right from warning the kid not to do anything offensive threatening with the invisible gods.Discipline is instilled by installing the fear within ones soul. Children perform well in exams only to get rid of the whips from the teacher and chaff from the parent.Unsuccessful marriages continue in “fear of society”. And most of the decision we take have the “fear of society” as an integral component. Much to our displeasure the martinet teacher takes all the pride for the end result of the student. So the “fear factor” is tagged as successful and it continues to dominate.But this fear factor has made us selfless and incapable of experiencing pleasure in its truest sense.

Some months ago I realized this fear factor is a big hindrance to happiness and decided to shed it. I had a good boss who never spoke a hard word but got more work done by me. He conveyed through his actions that actions are possible without the “fear factor”.I cared less about others when my actions doesn’t have any impact on them. I also made a point not to install fear on others selves on my behalf.

The biggest downside of fear is that it makes us selfless.We are made incapable of self-analysis and makes us look up to the words of others to determine who we are. My friend used to say “The guilt factor” is the secret behind the success of many corporate managers. Also we tend to compare ourselves with others constantly. So just a word “You are taking too much time. Or look at some x or y he is better than you” is enough to create a guilt and make the sub-ordinate do more work than what he is paid for! I have been in and now out of those cycles.

But recently I fear of fear for its so ubiquitous. I am afraid whether I will turn to fear-loving person to get tasks done.Be it home or office I see people doing things in fear. Its becoming difficult to co-exist with those people in a fear-ridden environment. I thought too much about this, which led to a depression this week end.So thought of draining those thoughts out there to get a fresh mind for the week ahead.

Peerless is also fearless! Fear Mongers be afraid of me!


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