When i am doing nothing

This post is to collect a list of things I can do when I am doing nothing.

1. Practice typing
2. Revise my words
3. Visit Hackers news
4. I can meditate
5. I can solve a puzzle or crosswordhttps://peerlessdeepak.wordpress.com/
6. Check my google reader:!

I will be updating this place and people if you have idea of any funny things which can be done with little efforts in a semi awaken state please let me know.


3 Responses to When i am doing nothing

  1. Pooja says:

    You can delete useless text and voice messages in your cell phone 🙂
    You can also prepare a to-do list for the weekend.we always have so many things to do and keep them on the mind and end up doing the least on priority list and finally crib on monday about missing on the important work/task..

  2. Thanks Pooja! Will note them down.!!

  3. Now checking and playing and poking facebook is added to the list!:) Infact since I dont do much these days I almost do it as a full time job

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