Many fine mornings!

Never thought that i would write a followup to the evening post.Off late there is a great dearth of reason to celebrate in peerless inc. The idle days in office is being under utilized. When i introspected, i attributed that to my stamina. There are days when I classified myself as hard worker rather than smart. But now when I am smart enough I couldnt push myself hard enough to even accomplish the basic needs. I find myself tired in the evenings and I havent done my morning sessions regularly in the past two-three months.

Given my lanky buildup I have always feared walking in to the gym and loosing the already scanty weight. My recent obsession towards trekking also demanded a demonstration of good stamina. I am a natural early riser and I like meeting people. With the above strengths I decided to take up jogging. Well I am not taking up a marathon run to flaunt to this extent. But i have a plan to build it up slowly and run a marathon one day.

After all today was my second day – actually i have planned only for three days a week but i was lured by the excitement in it and took it up today. Yesterday I was completely jagged even before I started my walk towards park. But for the sake of beginning I tried a run around the paseo. I struggled to complete even a single circle at a stretch, lost my breath in just under 300 mts. But with enough time to get it back again I forced myself for 3 rounds.

And I felt the pain for the whole day; looked weared off and had a doubt whether this isnt going to be fun for me. I got a good dose of sleep early in the evening itself. But vowed not to sleep before 10:30 PM. Some how managed to get a stream of activities and it must be 12 when i closed the eyes. Man! I havent had such a sleep in ages Guess I should have had my REM NREM cycles in perfection- Peaceful without any breaks and woke up at 5:00 with full of energy but with pain in the thighs. Was about to give up jogging today but the early restart pushed me against it and thought of trying a walk alone. But when I started running i felt that i could do it today and completed three circles with small respites in between.

I love it but to make it more efficient I need to get a good pair of sneakers, and a good company (@karthick @laksram anyone interested?). I have always given up physical exercises seeing it eating my time.But now in to it to get my time back. Running is fun. Its one place where you can easily get exhausted and force yourself to run some more and beat yourself. I love beating myself! I do have another secret mission associated with it. I got to get some members for my toastmasters club 🙂
I will share more about the art of running as I keep learning.


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