One fine eveninng! Orru malai pozhuthu!

Its raining here after a long stint of hot summer . This rain and climate soothes the heart and my mind thinks of other occassions where i felt alike.I would rate my cycle rides in the college road in the evenings (In karaikudi) as one of the best moments in my life.

A typical day in final year of my college would have some trouble for me since i held some office there.But I dont care a dime for it. When i recollect my final year days I realize that the day mostly begins after sun set for me. Friday evenings are the best of all for any one. When people walk back from classes i would be hovering around in my cycle. A brief skimming of journals and magazines in library. I will head straight to hostels then and get ensconced in a room where no one can disturb me for an hour or two. A nice little nap! When the clock strikes seven people start thronging in to the mess. But I will have different plans.

I take my cycle then and start my ride all alone with mindful of thoughts in that beautiful college road.[Its really hard to play some trick and escape from Gobi-my room mate who always insists on dining with me outside]. Before diving in to the main roads i used to make a circle inside the college campus. Getting on the main road I got to make the choices for the night.On most days my agenda would be an hour of browsing and a gentle dinner either in royal or the new president hotel.
Thoughts galore when i get in to the main road. My used to wander more than my cycle tyres. I will be counting on the things to browse only to forget them as soon as i enter the browsing center. Getting past the gates of CECRI and taking a turn at the university gates one would realize how far we have come from the hostels. The dual lane roads terminate near aryha bhavan. Gosh. If it had been a evening i will make a stop there and eat hot bajji’s in my favourite bajji shop.
Since this being a night i park my bike and get in to sify! I dont exactly recollect what i have been surfing those days. (No porno flirting chats! for i dont know what open source mean in those days) but i spend an hour daily and most of my dads money made their way in to sifys accounts. After an hour of browsing I would head towards the hotel new president. I prefer new president at times when i am alone since i could finish my dinner for Rs25 (A dosa + puttu +idlis).

By now the clock would have already stuck half past nine. The already sparse roads will become deserted. Its me and my cycle to take care of them. I ride as slow as i can and pick some snacks for the night in Nilgiris (Rarely any one in hostel knows where i keep and when i eat my snacks! – I suck at sharing!) Its the return journey which is the moment of joy. I used to have a coffee around ten opposite aryha bhavan. It tastes so sweet that i used to enjoy and sip it for ten minutes. Its this stretch from the subra maniapuram to hostels which makes you feel so good. I used to get solutions for most of my pressing problems at this time. If i dont get a cue , I dont stop cycling until I feel better or get one.
Picking up the snacks and eating it one by one .. I would reach the hostel roads where people would be crowded near marine for their final puffs and huffs. Getting past them parking my cycle, I head to my room get changed and walk back to college to the placement cell where i browse for official reasons. Thats how most evenings were spent while i was at ACCET. I could have done better things but blame my ignorance. Anyways i hanker for those yore where i had a cosy life at a very little cost.


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