The golden jubilee meet of wordsmiths toastmasters

People are crazy with numbers , especially 25,50 and 100 are very special for public institutions. It was time for 50th meet in our wordsmiths toastmasters club, the club had its part in history for few good and bad reasons. Running in to its second year of operation we had few difficult months running short of the quorum. But in recent months we had  some new additions and the momentum was slowly starting to build up .

The meeting was fairly planned to minute details in advance under Haris leadership. I along with Ananth did some running around to prepare for the meeting which reminded me similar occasions at college.

I was persuading people around me to try toastmasters and many of those people decided to turn up on the same day. I had my moment of fame for ushering in a big crowd. Put together with my people we had 20+ guests and toastmasters from other clubs adding up to 50+.At one point of time we ran out of chairs which emphasises the turnout bet our expectations.

TM Krishna Prasad and our god father Zac received the guests and lead them to the registration desk.

District G2 conference was scheduled for the next day as a result of which we had some senior members from district team  in the city. TM Rajeev Nambiar was the sergeant at arms for the day. This was the first time I saw in action and the man with his physique and authoritative language makes the best fit for the role. President welcomed the guests and asked them to introduce themselves.There happened my moment to glory when everyone was refering to me for the reason to be there. We had a plenty of guests from various age groups, which took little more time for the introductions .

TM Sampath Sourirajan was the general evaluator for the day, he comes from the Medley toastmasters club and takes pride in  attending 23 toastmasters club so far.ToastMaster Ananth (He has grown equalling his height) was the toastmaster of the day – (the role which i love to do but havent done in ages). Revelry was the word of the day which was an apt selection. TM George was doing his second project but as the TM introduced him he spoke like a person who has completed his CC manual. His talk and Time and Space exhibited his command over language and confidence. But as his evaluator pointed out he fell short of communicating the content to his audience. I am sure as he goes through the CC projects this dude is going to nurture his skills and become an amazing speaker.

Zac was the TT master; Since we were already far beyond scheduled we didnt have as many topics as we wished to have.TM Deepak Justin gave his speech exactly for two minutes which had all the ingredients of a prepared speech. Then it was time for felicitation. TM Nina John – the first DTM from chennai received her DTM batch. TM Vivek,VP Membership and TM Ram Prasad were honoured for their roles. Then its party time for the birthday baby. District Gov. TM Balraj spoke on why toastmasters and what toastmasters can do to an individual.

We had the cakes served and a dinner together after the meeting. If atleast half the guests in the day turn up again and become part of the club our president promised to convert our meetings in to weekly affairs.

For many toastmasters , toastmasters has become a way of life. Though I had been part of it I feel as if i am starting it afresh after  a break  and the recent toastmasters meets have bolstered my quest of becoming a better person.

PS: This recording is done after  7 days from the meet and hence i couldnt recollect all the fairy tales in the meeting.


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