Days with David-2

The Micabers enter the life of Master David and today the Micabers were leaving him to Plymouth. David seems to lead a happy life with Micabers(amidst his remonstration I infer this from his narration). The advice to Davy was “Never do something tomorrow which you can do today”.This novel is very intrguing and poignant once you put yourself in the shoes of Master David –  quite natural since the novel is designed to be so.

Davids workplace had a wharf which touched water when the tide was high and sands when the tide was low.Davids work was  a drudgery. Since David didnt have much pregrination in to the streets of London the sanguine nature of Mr. M picked him up from work.David took pudding from a shop which made them using currants.Micabers house had an empty larder.Captain Hopkins had a sonorous voice.Though the narration seems to an indication of poignant its a luscious when its vicarious.Mrs. M swooned on the occasion of Mr M s release.


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