Days with David -1

I am currently re-reading David Copperfield and would like to post some cues here now and then for revisiting this wonderful story. I have a desire to remember all that i read without any deficiet and I am working on it. Towards this purport, I have reduced my intake and the current focus is on retention. I have figured out its easy to recognise a character than to remember some set of information. So after my session with Davy I will be posting some no sense post which as a reader you can ignore(DO i have any reader???)

Today Davy had  a rimmy clammy hair.David also had a sputtering candle in his hand.

I still dont know why the funeral man picked up Davy. For Davy time was trodding:) Miss Murdstone with her diabolical catalogue of unamiable qualities. Mr Barkis had a leer in his countenance when he looked at Peggotty.

Mrs.Gummidge had rumpled her hair around her face.Little Emily was sly and shy. Davy was accused of moping and droning. Peggotty should be remembered for the way she condoled with Davy at Clara’s loss.


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