Happiness alais satisfaction whatever we may term it, it has been the motivator of all the individuals in this world. Some find happiness in others well being (a mother in her childs) and some find happiness in others downfall.All such external motives reduces to a feeling of elation or satisfaction which the individual yearns for. Every one  has the   right to chose is his own form and source of happiness.

And the world is equally filled with worries. Every people has their own bag of worries. But the quality of life is determined by the ability of yours , which keeps that bag aside and fill your day with joy. Whatver must be our motive happiness is derived from an action. Be it watching a movie /dating a girl/building a application , the happiness is felt when an action is done. Action is a reflection of your thoughts. Thoughts are derived from your past experience and desires. Desires are derived from your objectives. Objectives are those which can make you feel happy. The process from the desire to action is the path and pursuit of happiness (Well I write this entry because I am going to watch it today!). When a desire fail to makes you happy it ends up being a source of gloom.

To be happy one must have a control over his desires . The probablity of being happy increases with the number of desires and so as the probability of worries. The  path from desire to action determines the probability of happiness.

So its evident happiness can be achivied easily from the inner self rather than seeking it from the external world. I have wondered why it was difficult for me than most of fellow beings to be happy. It took me this analysis to find out that I have more desires which doesnt have a path from desire to action which reduced my probability of happiness.

By applying little more maths and estimating whether the  probability of happiness or the probability of desire dominates in a particular desire, one can winnow out the desires tilted towards worries.Happiness is one word which has varied meaning depending on the people who intpret them. When two different people intpret the same meaning it becomes difficult for them to get a share of theirs in it.

Chose your meaning! Mine is action . I was worried at my depriciating writing skills since i havent wrote anything for a while and this entry is to boost my level of happiness:)


2 Responses to Happiness!

  1. srevidhya says:

    Indeed u have done a great analysis of what is being happiness. U have given a perfect explanation of what is happening in today’s world. I enjoyed reading it..A nice one..

  2. Thanks Srevidhya for stopping and dropping your thoughts! Great Analysis..? Honoured.

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