Pay it forward

The moment i saw Kevin Spacey with an unusual makeup, giving out an inspiring lecture at the start of the movie – i was aware that i am going to watch movie which i will cherish for a lifetime.

Pay it forward — is a movie about what Trevour- a seventh grade student did for the social studies class handles by Eugene [Kevin]. Well the class begun like this with Kevin asking question about what the world means to the student. Oh the world means different things for different people in the class. For one it was the mall and for a child the world was limited to his house/street or town. [Even for a grown up for me – I feel that the world i live in seems to be small] And he also warns the students that the world is going to be  a big disappointment unless they change the way it is.

So he hands out an assignment to do something to make the world a better place. Master Trevour takes it hard and aspires to score an A in it. He drafts a plan to help three people and will aske them to help three more.As a start he brings in a slum dweller to his home and gives him his saving, that helps him land in a job. He tries to do some good to his mom and teacher by arranging a date for them.

That turns out to be a social movement with several acts of strangers help stranger. A journalist tracks the orgin of the movement to the child and takes him to fame. But before he could make it happen the fiction maker twist the tale a little to get the message hard in to our souls.

I was awestuck for most part of the movie which had profound dialagues sprinkled across at regular intervals. Also I foundn the back ground score to be very pleasant only later to learn that it was done by Thomas Newman. Kevin Spacey plays the role of teacher who has penchant for words  and teaching. Though he is passionate about his profession he  keeps that within limits.

Also he shares the same thought of me about marriage [That was picturised as fear in the movie. ] when he  refrains from Helen fearing that it would make him loose his manageable life.

“I have a  thing to do everyday and i do it.. i have a routine.. As long as I do it i am happy!”

Why do men make their life complicated by inviting a women to their life.? Cant we be happier without that stuff and family?

Though Trevor seems to be the title character of the movie Kevin’s was also equally inspiring and impressive. This movie was a real feel gooder and made my week end a better one. I was so impressed with the defintion for ‘HELP’ given in it. Trevor says that HELP is something which you do to someone, which can not be done by them for themselves. It was only yesterday I was brainstorming with a friend of mine on what kind of help we could do to this society without hurting ourselves.

And this movie also increased my intention to be a teacher at the latter stage of my life for i beleive it to the most powerful and noble profession. I love the way thoughts flow out of an unadulterated young mind and wont it be a nice experience to live among it.

Later i traced the route of Pay it forward to Benjamin franklin  and wikipedia will do a better job than me in explaining the philosophy behind it.

When someone does you a big favor, don’t pay it back … Pay It Forward.

I would rate this movie on par with Good will hunting!


One Response to Pay it forward

  1. Elijah Zimba says:

    It definately a great movie, pliz send Trevour’s email address whoever has it to

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