Fountain Head! Catherine Vs Dominque

Peter Keating isĀ  a rising architecht who works with the most coveted Guy Francons firm. Catherine was his college time sweet-heart whom he seeks only when he feels that himself as worthless creature. Catherine had been very considerate to him accepting him as he was – perhaps the kind of true love what the literatures preach us.

Domnique is the only daughter of Pete’s boss Guy Francon. The father and the daughter werent good ont terms but the paternal affection insists to do some good for the daughter.One need not tell a career focussed Pete – the kind of goods he will earn if he gets a hold on his boss’s daughter. But Domnique seems to be a puzzle for most (Well not to me:)) doing weird things at strange places.She works for the bullshit newspaper (akin to our modern age media – sure she is not Bharka Dhutt).She speaks straight out of heart and always makes it difficult for people to speak with her.None of our mothers will ratify the proposal to marry such a girl. She says that she doesnt have an ambition because that will make her a slave to this world.

Thats Domnique and Catherine for you. Well I am no Peter to select one of the two:). But Peter knows very well that he will make a better choice in Catherine but at the same time he needs to fulfill the wish of his boss. That shows Peter his more concerned about his job than his life partner.

Well if you are reading all the way down here just to know whether I want a Catherine or Domnique let me tell you that i always want a Domnique not because she can give me a partnership in her dad’s firm but because of the fact that she is a firm lady who knows where her head and legs rest.


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