Beautiful Lies

Project 6 Vocal Variety

  • Use voice volume, pitch, rate and quality to reflect and add meaning and interest to your message.
  • Use pauses to enhance your message.
  • Use vocal variety smoothly and naturally.
  • 5-7 min

All is fair in love and war – when they say so , could you get what makes them fair? The most essential ingredient in both this places is lie. When a young man meets his woman ; there are two ways to express his love. He could go straight to her and say “Hey I want to marry you” or express his wonder at her charm and plea her ” Oh Charming young lady, I ha vent seen a beauty as beautiful as you. Will you marry me!”

Respected President , Toastmaster of the day fellow toastmasters and distinguished guests ,  I am going to share with you more Beautiful lies like that today. Looking back neither the guy was blind nor the girl was dumb to fake reality. They knew the reality but the little lie has made the moment for them. More larger moments like this are made out of little lies like it.

What is a lie? A lie is something which you tell someone knowing that its not true. Do you agree with this definition. I don’t.There is a possibility of lying even by telling the truth. Last week when my mom asked where I had been, I told her that i had been to the park. But what I refrained was the fact that i had gone there with my girl friend. Philosophers call it Lying by omission. If I had told her the truth that would have caused tremors in both the relationships – the one b.w me and my mom and the the other between me and my girl friend.

You can find many such beautiful lies sprinkled along in our life.Why should a man lie ? Isnt amoral or morally reprehensible.? When i think of lies in my life i couldn’t stop thinking of my dad. He is the one who lied me all through the course of the life.

When I was put in my kg, I cried to my dad “Dad I am not happy with the school. I will get back to home.I have lot of problems here!”. My Dad said ” Dont worry kid. This school is just for two years.After two years you will grow up and I will put you in a bigger school were you wont have any problems.”. Sure I did grew up and landed in the bigger school where the older problems vanished, but i had got even bigger new problems,particularly with mathematics.

Then days kept rolling and one fine day I got in to higher secondary. The entire family thronged in to my table and my Dad started ” Dude this is the most important phase of your life.If you work harder here the entire life will be a smooth sail for you. You need to score well to get in to a good college!” Well I belived his words rather lies and scored enough to get in to a reasonably good college.

May be I did not get in to the IIT’s but my problems would have been the same even if i had been there. I was thrown away from my home away from my loved ones and worst of all i was asked to take messy mess food.I went back to my dad and told him “Dad Why should I go there away from you. I need to be with you Dad.I dont deserve to be away from home”. My Dad again lied “Son, You must understand that you are growing up. You need to make a life on your own, for which you need a job and the job badly needs this degree. Go get crowned. You will make it beautiful in life”. I believed and came back and passed four years and landed up in a good job as told.

But only after coming up I understood that the job was not as good as it was told to be. Do you like yourself to be imprisoned inside the glass prison from  9 AM to 9PM listening to a grumpy boss? I went back to my Dad and suggested him rather i take up his business . He said “Son Be cool.This is the most important phase of your life. You need to make your own family and you need to get a good life which needs  a good wife. And a good wife demands a good job like yours.” That seemed like a truth to me.

But assume that I get married to the most cutest girl in the universe. I could envisage myself walking back to my Dad after a couple of months .Dad ” Why should share my time and space with a moron such as she. We dont have anything in common and  please get me a divorce”. My dad will be saying ” Son ! These are phases which everyone undergoes in life. Everything will be resolved once you get a kid”. I believe in him and walk back.

It happened I got a kid but only later to find out that he is the most mischievous kid in the world. I went back to my Dad ” Oh No Dad i am tired of this life. I was happy as a kid but now i couldn’t be myself. This kid has only aggravated our problems.I get lot of complaints about him . I need to do something!” . Dad said ” Don’t worry dear son! In a year he will be going to school.Put him prekg and your problems will be solved once he starts going to school.

I was dumb stuck “Dad are you the one saying it. Do you remember that all my problems started only from the day I entered that kinder garden.How can you ask me to do the same for my child “. My Dad had a smile and said “Son you got it! Thats life. My Dad asked me to do that and go and do that to your son.He will understand about it later in life”.

When i was back i stood apart and thought about the path I walked . It was really beautiful. I was a happy kid in the KG’s, hard working student in my school days, an inquistive teen at my college , been a passionate worker and a compassionate lover. All was possible only because my dad’s lies. When he lied to me , it was not that he was not aware of reality but he wanted to create a beautiful ambience for me where i could do my best without worrying about the results.The ultimate purpose of human life is to be happy and make the ones around you happy. And its not bad when you  achieve it with some Beautiful lies like these.

Thanks to my Dad and here i come my Son. ….



6 Responses to Beautiful Lies

  1. I drafted the speech only now and I am upset about it. I believe one should work on a toastmaster speech atleast two weeks to imbibe the objectives and this speech in particular requires time.

    I had Ravi Baskaran as my evaluator and his comments were.
    1.Good topic selection.
    2.Vocal variety needs to be improved
    3.I speak too fast and pauses are needed.
    4.Vivid description with words would have added colour to the speech.
    5.Delivery reflects lack of practise

    I concur with him and personally this speech was a setback for me since those were the skills I lack as a speaker and I should have acquired it with this speech. On the better side I am happy with my content.

  2. Nice speech Deepak. There is always scope for improvement. Focused practice a few days before the speech is sufficient. 2 weeks may not be needed. BTW, what your father told you is not a lie, it is hope. That is what fuels all of us.

  3. Thanks for visiting sukumar. I agree with your words “Focussed practise”! .
    I speak very fast and inspite of the slow done, still it hasnt come to the normal level. But the fact that I am improved keeps me going.

  4. Happened to come across a movie “Big Fish” which had a similar theme. Invention of lying is also worth a watch which expresses the need for lies.

  5. Dear Toastmasters,

    I understand how far you have groomed me today by reading this script again. I see things which I havent seen before. The words are the same but the way I utter them has changed because of the numerous practice sessions I had with you. You are simply peerless’s peerless companion.

    TM Deepak Pandian!

  6. […] started a new initiative of celebrating speeches close to heart and I was the one to open it with Beautiful lies. Due to the turbulence in week days, and lost sleep , I was bit week mentally and physically and […]

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