Seasons in the sun!

Today was an important day in my chennai/KNBL life. We started off with six members in our room and today the count is three. I consider myself to be lucky to have the kind of friends and life at knbl for the past 2.5 years. Everyone was passionate about something (One or two were attending cupid’s call) and it was great fun and learning experience. This was possible only because we are located close to our house owner and their care and love for us.

We mingled well with then and their kids in specific(We are living with a to be IITian)  and even the grown ups in their house have the heart of a youngster. And our kitchen was supervised by the grand “PATTI” and they helped us a lot in our household so that we never felt that we were away from our families. It was bala who first put papers a year back followed by JP. Venky alice Maplai joined us after Jp’s departure and today Gopi and Rajesh left us.

But the ride hadnt been smooth althrough. Last two months had been tough because of excessive strength in our room. I am not against helping a friend of friend but one needs to take care that the flavour and the culture of the room should not be given up for friends. In that aspect today we are relieved a  bit since we could find some extra space for ourselves. Our manager wanted us to shift our systems to upstairs and create a office/lab kind of  feel. I have already set up my study table there (Completed Atlas Shrugged in it – what a way to innagurate it). I will aslo be shifting my system upstairs next week. We are now three in number and that will make our living costs increase by 70%;but thats worth the return we get it. Even then we have opened up invitation for laksram85 , ashokjjr and gobi gobi.

I am sure that i wont be shifting my base for the next 7-8 months provided i get enough scope within my current work. Almost after a year long gap I am resuming an aggresive phase of my life. Time and efficiency are two key things which can determine the feasibility of my goals. It will be great if any of the invited pals can get in to KNBL.

Gopi is an amazing friend for any one. We havent heard a hard word from him for the past two years. And I admire his caring nature and passion for linux. At the same time he is a lazy geek (Even more than me). I must thank him for the way he had been with us.

Rajesh – One guy who prefered to be alone among six members 🙂 Rajesh- I am not sure whether you will get to read this. But I am putting my points candidly. Yes personally I had little bit wrath against you for not taking part in KNBL operation and having your bread unearned(I dont mean the money ..). But I must also put down one thing which i havent let you know personally. You are a gem of a person for a reason- you never entered others territory or disturbed us. Even when we didnt leave you any food for break fast or for dinner you never questioned us. That kind of tolerance is unique to you and i admired the same.

With that let me put two lines each for the remaining denizents of KNBL,

Manager:  He has big dreams and it has started coming true now. He is a champion in whatever race he chose to run. He runs a company and hence the name. But he is a man of jargons. That too from the management area (Oops! I dont want to hear that atleast for my life time:) ) An amazing individual from whom you can learn each and every second. He has big plans with KNBL and offers me too a coveted title even if i dont do a tad bit of work for him:)

Venky Alice Maplai: Offlate one would identify him as a body builder. I remember me opposing his inclusion citing his nick as a reason. But I am practised to use this maplai only because of him. Somehow before that i was not comfortable with using that word. This dude was also known as mahalakshmi of our room for he cleans the room every day and provides us bed time milk. But he is too having a thought of vacating KNBL for official reasons.

Except for the last one month the rest of the life in KNBL was a wonderful experience which I would relish throughout my life term. If even one of the invited friends join us, days ahead are going to be amazing in Varanam Ayirams terms “Life will be like a rock song”!

It was 201 in my college days and KNBL now!!Hoping for the same in my graduate school (!!!:):) ) and in life!


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