Atlas Shrugged — The last emperor

Well on world who celebrats devastation! I do agree AynRand and her readers will do when they were in the final chapters of the novel. Cant beleive that Hank made up his mind to quit. Hank was portrayed as  a person of perserverance but a question always remains till when can you be tenacious towards your thoughts. (Of course when to exit is very crucial question!)

Now I put these questions to myself (and to my readers if any:)),

1.What made Hank close to the metals?

2.And what made Hank give it up for Dagny?

3.And what made Hank to give up Dagny?

And finally whats his pursuit now when he is ready to give up everything? I got to chew this over today and continue on it.

Meanwhile the attack on formal education and parenting made me feel guilty. Ayn says when all other animals teach their offsprings their art of survival, we the humans curb the process of thinking when the child begins to think. “Dont do that..? Dont ask this?? ” As a child now I would accuse my parents for few things – numero one. 1. For guarding me in their shells. 2. Not letting me pose questions. As a child I was really troublesome . I remember once there was a discussion on state poltics in our home and my words (I must be 12-13 then ) evoked wrath of one of my relatives.

From then I was not allowed to get on to such discussions. I was made to belive that elders were always right! Now the aim of the post is to help me revisit Atlas Shrugged whenever I need na – Here is the gist – It seems that its going to be the end of the Hank era – the last emperror left in the whole world. The washington boys devise lot of plans and attempt either to pull him their side or acquire is wealth as a whole. But even they and Hanks family are aware that they can pull the strings together without Hank. There seems to be melodrama between hanks mother ex-wife and philip. But in no point Hank tries to acknowledge them. Hank is sure that his survival is the victory of his enemies and he is ready to give up. And hank meets a wounded wet nurse and theres were all the attack on school of thought is revealed.

The chapter closes with Hank being saved by Franscisco and the next chapter saying “This is JohnGalt Speaking ”

PS: I almost gave up this book for the dull period – the time when cheryl and James were in center stage. With Dagny wanting to go back to the valley and Hank with all his realisation I thought there is nothing more to be offered. But I am reading it because these guys found the most interesting part of the book lies in the speech. leeme see


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