41st Toastmasters meet!

Change – that has been the theme of the day and to my surprise the meeting turned out to be an indicator of change! We were bit worried when Vivek told me that Nina,Ravi and Zac(Zac turned up..it was Viveks misinterpretation ) are not going to be in today. I thought we are going to be shot of evaluators and its going to be a dull meeting.

I was the toastmaster of the day – the pivotal role in any toastmasters meeting. I must admit that i didnt prepare well for the role. RamPrasad was the stand in S&A – he opened the meeting and passed the podium to the president in charge Vivek. Vivek spoke about Chandrayan and toastmasters. He appears to be a perfect cast for this acting president role. When i think of what kind of change toastmasters bring in to a person, I always get this friend of mine as a testimonial for it. He walked down without even speaking for two minutes for one of his early projects, but today he is speaking instantly like a seasoned speaker. I admire him for his commitment and the kind of effort he puts in.

Then its me taking the centre stage (Its tough when you speak and  analyse yourself at the same time..I just got to reserve that analysis part for a latter time). After doing usual greetings and formal introduction I tried to get some attention . I tore a piece of paper and later took a hundred rupees note and tried to tear it. I told people that neither me nor anyone can do it since we treat that piece of paper in a different way. I wanted to bring their focus on the mental changes we undergo and how we pereceive them . We had a very seasoned toastmasters from Chennai toastmasters TM RK Raman  as general evaluator (Lucky we!). I sure made things little bit difficult for him calling him ahead of joke master. But he is an exorable guy who didnt mind those. His way of doing things inspired me and I dreamt that one day down the lane I will also be like him!

We had Vivek come in as Joke Master. He took some funny moments from his real life and attempted to bring in humour.Krishna Prasad did  his project two and I would say he is a seasoned speaker. I like the way he attracted some attention by repeating some key moments in the speech. He has a flawless language and once he acquires a flair in speaking he is going to be amazing to watch and hear! TM RajManohar did his project four and that man is really wealthy;If information is wealth he is the richest person among the toastmasters. He spoke about the climatic changes and the need for renewable energy.His speech was filled with lot of facts!

Then came the mind boggling table topics session. That was handled again by a master of art TM Hari Kumar.He has his own way of doing things and leaving a strong impression of him among us.If you havent attended todays meeting, I swear that you missed soemthing great in life. I liked the way he picked the speakers. He first called out who got married recently and gave him “Was your marriage a perfect mismatch”.

“Was your appointment a  complete disappointment !”

“One can learn from history that its not possible to learn from history”

“Win the battle and lose the war”

“Change is the only constant”

“Black man in a white house”

“PG wodehouse adviced that one should not advice others ” – gosh its only from Raman I learned that advice can be spelt as advise and advice and the difference the spelling makes to it.

We had a good round of evaluations followed by postmeeting discussions. I felt like this was one of the better meetings of club despite the absence of key members . We would have to work on memberships to make it more lively.  To sum up.. yet another beautiful evening were i took home lot of memories and learnings!


Gaurav was saying to TM Hari ” I wish that you be the Table topic master everytime..You make it feel very comfortable sir”

I am looking forward the day when I darn the mistakes and do the toastmaster of the day role again.! Dear ToastMaster I am sure you have got integrated in to my life!


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