How am I?

Absolutely fanatic and stupid! I am mad about it. I am not saying about Varanam Ayiram . But my job  – Its been close to four months since I got that change. Looking back I haven’t raised to my expectations. But I have improved (Phew thats very good to feel!) Thats one reason why look so enthusiastic and romantic (Ha ha ..Yep!).

I for sure live in a dream world in these days. Neither at work nor at personal level – there aint any unnecessary worries for me.But this flu and cough took two months of my time and slowed down my pace a bit. Now with things going the right way Its going to be great two months ahead  – My first date with systems programming and linux in particular.

This post must be a reminder for myself of my mission and goal. I have got a PCI-E switch at work and I have also written a platform driver and I need to make it working today. I enjoy debugging more than coding and in a way its the skill a system programmer needs to be sharp. I look forward for lot of problems and discoveries. Its only going to be two and just two months so each and every second with it must be respected.

And thats how I am! When i look at the previous posts of mine and compare them with the previous six months I know and I feel that I am on my tracks and that lays my track ahead!

As obama says “Yes we can”!


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