Talk .. Talk…Talk..Non stop nonsense!

I got to record this in my annals. I had a aim and task for the day. But as promised my dear friend Jerald ringed me early this night. Gosh! We were speaking after a measurable gap but yesterdays chat has set the tone for the talk. He started with greetings and got some consultation from venki for SAP. Neither of us would have had any agenda for the call (Dont ask me are you silly? Though I have gained a lot from the talk I regret that it should have been precise and much denser! And particularly not at this time!)

We started speaking about ambitions and how life turns. He was in London for more than a year and it was nice hearing his views which had a global exposure. He was realistic and as every other fellow human being he too wanted a change from his current work. We spoke a while on technologies – though I am zero in SAP, I didnt stop my mouth screaming my views on it (Since I am a open source evangelist (The world will know it when the time proud that I have told you now!!)) were naturally on the flip side. But at the same time I know that SAP folks are earning a lot.

Jerald questioned me on spirtual life ; Gosh I dont even know how to interpret it ; I told him that I dont have any nexus with it since I am an atheist (Am i bragging about it..  No being an athiest is so tough!) He asked me the purpose of life .. It sounded  like Robin williams asking good will  l “I will ask you one simple question which you cant answer!”.

After few diversions we both agreed on being happy and making people around happy are the primary goals of  a human. From ages people are trying to do the same and only the means in which its done has changed. I told him that I (even with 50k (Hope i will earn that much before i get a kid,,))couldnt afford my child a life with x quantum of happiness which my dad gave me with 500 rs 15 years ago.

The source of hapiness and the means to get them got changed and I got to pay more for it. I was very particular in extracting the london experiences , so tracked him back to it. We spoke on bridges,churches and the difference between there and here. He was explaining about the consumer experience which is so different in both parts. People there can exchange or get refund for their goods if they were not satisfied by it. But the situation here is very pathetic (Dude! We brag that our culture is best because we dont exchang wife’s or seeks refund for the same:))

We reverted back again to technology and i am sure i created a impression that i am a linux freak in him (I got to live up to and past it.. ). He was sharing his views on career planning and I putforth the most important question – the difference in the way in which people approach work here and there. And he told me that people work with absolute concentration – the natural observation which we get from every temproray NRI’s. I gave him a lecture on knoweldge mangement and I posted several questions for which I didnt have answers. We amateurs comment a lot on the way things are being done forgetting that those at the top also come past these stages.

We spoke on Varanam ayiram,Atlas Shrugged, Robin Sharma Penguin story(This had to do with the career shift!) and it was two hearts speaking with each other. Though at times each side would have loved to terminate the call it never happened because the dull moments didnt last longer. The call took interesting turns then and there and I broke even my personal record for the longest call . I think it took a little over 90 minutes. We shared our observations on outsourcing ; I told him about what excited me today the flu trends from global. One need not be evil to earn and all the generous deeds are not really generous. We spoke about google for a while. I expressed my desire and complex to be in my second year of engineering to him. He accredited me with a high level of maturity !(I can accept that on a relative scale but still its not complete..) I told him about my plans for personal management . Knowledge managent in  particular. Knowledge and time are synonynmous. The reason for me for posting this blog is Knowledge management.

It was nice that we spoke on different things, I must rise to a level where I speak tanatamount stuff with a linux freak with as much diversions in it. Gettting like minded people together in the world is the most pleasing thing and twitter does that in a amazing way. I guess me,Anand,Suresh should meet in person and spend a day together blabbering all that we had faced and dreamt. Sure if that happens it would be an amazing day. I place this request to them!

On the flip side I lost two hours of dating with linux today and I dont really regret for it. Because looking back it was one of the historic talks we ever had. Both of us have peeped in to each others minds and we took lot of interesting things from each other which would help us when we introspect our self.

Interestingly I was thinking this tonight after seeing a fat man – Hey beefy monster – both you and me were of same size when we started .
And from there i just wondered how we each of us took different shapes,chasing different purposes.Accidentally Jerald was quoting the same .. : “You were here because of two people. Why are you here and what are you to this place”. He links this with a god in a way. I avoided god related discussion because that would have costed us our entire sleep for the night. He also quoted this “Science everything is created from nothing by nothing ” and Bible says “Everything is created out of nothing by something which is known as god”. Again i classified it as the unknown being christened as god. Sure that would broach a bigger discussion when we meet next time. Gosh Am i going to stop typing in this post??? Again i see a strong correlation between the string of events which is happening this week .. rprisams’s post and this discussion has a fair relation.

Everything happens in the quest to be better and sure i can go to bed as better person than the one who woke up today morning! Thanks Jerald. Life as a journey needs friends like you to make my paths clear. As i said the destination rarely matters . One’s happiness is really a reflection of the path he takes towards his decision rather than the destination.

If you have read this far and if you are neither jearald nor deepak please let me know who you are .. because you might also need to join the list:)


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