Varanam Ayiram! – Primer

Pulled up a surprise today! With toastmasters ,failcamp and bunch of pending tasks I couldnt find a slot for Varanam ayiram in my week end. Anyway was open for saturday opening show and ending show – but Kamala theatre closed their tickets for three days. I was little dissappointed but got monday evening show tickets for me and froward.

As a surprise I saw online bookings for kamala theatre and even greater tickets were available for even friday. That would be a great way to start the week end. Hence i called up Gopi and asked his preference . A night show would have been a perfect stage to cerebrate but sadly by mistake I booked for evening show. Thats again on the better side , because that saves time!

So now me froward and co are all set to catch of malini,krishna and suriya on friday. Hope its going to be  refreshing movie paying tribute to the true heroes of life “The Dads”!.

Its one of the much hyped movies in peerless inc and  I am sure going to celebrate and cerebrate it. I request fans around the globe not to pay exorbitant charges to catch the movie at the earliest! Save our economy!


2 Responses to Varanam Ayiram! – Primer

  1. Though with inherent flaws.. this movie is going to be one of my fav!

  2. Three years! >50 times? This movie is a life changer!

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