Sucess breeds Success!

The way to be successful is to experience as many success as possible. What the world perceives as success is only the final lap ie the winning of a test match. But as a player I should smell success in every moment of my game. Short term deadlines or goals which pile themselves up to a magnificient sucess should be achieved constitently.

Anyone who is close to me will be aware of the above opinion of mine and how miserably I am failing at creating small sucess for the past one and half year. Now yet again I am going to have a fresh attempt in conquering those tiny success , this time i am going to use gmail,delicious,twitter as my helpers to do this.

“Small is big – One at a time”!

This friend of mine had written about evading oneself from negative cycles and I am going to write about my experiments in persisting in positive cycles. To persist in positive frame of find the primal requirement is that it should exist. Positive frame of mind happens once in a bluemoon for me as a individual. I can t afford to wait for it.Hence I do watch a piece of good movie, read a couple of good pages, Look at something which excites me and calls me to dream for, or have me define a simple goal and accomplish it in the next five minutes (Such as writing a blog post like this!). Thats how I create my pfm(thats the acronym) . It happens 99% of time. It also depends on the season – Now a single verse Nenjjukul peithidum mamazhai can just make me feel great.

Once created it has to be sustained. I divide my day in to smaller pieces and define goals for each period. I celebrate each victory in my own ways. Once I am done with some task i let myself check my twitter updates/chocolates/coffee/ a walk down/ break (Even when I am not done I do all these to get in to pfm:)) . 70% of times I dont find myself getting in to these tiny goals . When i introspect I find they are not done, because I havent defined them well. Break your tasks smaller than the protons and electrons – they should be the fundamental units with which you can measure a broader objective. Most times i fix objectives as my tasks and hence the plan collapses.

Now I have found a way to fix it and let me share that once the trial run of this new method completes at peerless inc.

Thats the way how one can Be positive and stay positive. The sense of accomplishment gives you a different healthy feeling which cant be described but only expressed.!


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