Just in time!

Yes this flu has found be just in time but at the wrong time. Had it been three months ago i would have used it as a reason to shirk work and stayed at home for more than a month. But this is the time when i had found my love and got to spend more time with it- to enough to hate her.. Yep I am going to hate her for sure but that should happen only after understanding her. That needs lot of effort and time.

But this flu attacked me about a month ago and ravaged all my personal and official schedules. Nowadays I dont do my regulars and seems like i am losing my track. I am waiting every week that this is the last week with this germs. I havent watched a movie for a month. I havent read a page in atlas shrugged for five days. I havent compiled some code in two days.I havent felt eureka for two days. But today i think I have ended it all when i started watching jab we met and rhtym earlier. Just these days i learnt what i means to be in good health and why people greet “How do you do ?” when we meet them. I had a very good five day rest at home – hoping that I have recovered but somehow the germs returned to cause chronic cough which steals my mind  (When you have cough you dont get enough blood for your brain ..) !

These days have taught me what health means to a person. I should be more careful of my sleeping,eating habits and have my body in control. I havent completed my TODO list which I created for the weekend which ended two weeks ago. So  I am going to let myself enjoy completely and get myself back in good health when I go back to work on Monday.

Interestingly I read chocolates are better than cough medicines:) So i have roped in lot of chocolates.BTW did i say that I should be sleeping now…?


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