Toastmaster – Project -5 Open the door

Project 5– Your Body Speaks

  • Objectives:
  • Use stance, movement, gestures, facial expressions and eye contact to express your message and achieve your speech’s purpose.
  • Make your body language smooth and natural.
  • Time Limit: 5 to 7 minutes

The clocks strike 12 indicating midnight- that’s the part of the day when ghosts loiter around.

I dont mean the surreal ones but the real one’s which I had seen. Yes Seniors -They were like ghosts for me when I was in my first year at college. At sharp 12:00 on July 22nd 2002 I had a knock at my door tuck tuck. <Terrifying tone>

Respected toastmaster of the day, fellow toastmasters and distinguished guests today I am going to share with you an experience from my college days which is not only scary and funny but its the one which awakened me to a new school of thought “Open your doors- drive out the fear”!

Yes we feared hearing the knock at the door on the day. We were four of us sharing a room behind the door. Only two of us were awake – Me and Nithin were two lanky creatures who couldnt really afford to be beaten by the seniors. The other two were sleeping. Ramanan – a fat and stout guy who occupies about half the room when he sleeps. The other guy saravanan was beefy monster – You will mistake him to be dead when you see him sleep because he sleeps that way (Gesture!!)

Me and nithin were up and working on an assignment which we sweared to complete even if its going to cost us our nights sleep.

But that knock at the door made things take a different turn. “Open the door …” (In a terrifying voice..) . After hearing that strident knock Nithin face turned pale in terror and he muttered “Dude we are in a trouble. I guess its a senior out” – took no time to think – hunched forward and locked the door. (Actually the door was not at all locked.. The senior was kind enough to give us a courtesy knock.) Also he switched off the music player – God ! He only knows how hard I have fought with that loose contact music player to get it on.

The senior started screaming by now “Guys ! Open the doors I say !” . Ha ha … For sure we are determined not to do that. But that voice scared us out of our wits.

A brilliant idea flashed up in Nithin’s mind. He switched off the light and asked me to pretend to be asleep. His assumption was that senior will shout for a while and leave us at peace. Yes.It worked. After two minutes he was gone.

We got our breathe back. But sadly we couldnt breathe longer. We could hear loud footsteps outside which for sure indicated that there were five – six of them. They kept banging at our door like hell which could have even woke up the Kumbarnan. But our own kumakarnan’s Ramanan and saravanan were sleeping as if nothing is happening around. Though we were thin and timid we had confidence that we could get through it. The confidence was not on us but on our door lock. As long as the door is rocked the room is ours , and the game is ours. But the window was open and paving way for other enemies – mosquito’s. I couldnt bear this mosquito’s disturbing. So I asked Nithin – No We were so conscious that not even a tad bit of sound gets out of the door. So I just signaled him to close the windows (Gestures.) But that poor little guy fumbled in the dark and stepped the fat ramanan while going towards the window. Ramanan – being woke up in the middle simply couldnt bear it and started shouting. Scared by his loud voice Nithin moved back – accidentally touching the loose contact Music player at the back which got its contacts and started playing a rock song. I couldn’t stop my laughter and started laughing aloud. It took a moment for Nithin to grasp whats happening around. He too started laughing aloud. There we are – A rock sound at the back drop and loud guffaws from us – as if insulting those guys out. No senior could let things go this way and neither did our’s. They started screaming loud “Guys arent you going to open now.. How dare you little weeds. If you are not going to open now – we are here to break it and take your life away.. Dare not to open”

“Should I open the door” – we were not sure what to do. This is our first encounter with ragging. We had warning from parents,principal and teachers to be careful of it. We have heard lot of scary stories on ragging. But we hardly know what it really was. All our thoughts were result of imagination. Imaginary fears are the worst enemy of human kind. The worst of all is the fear of death which rules the world. Does any one here knows what happens to us after we are dead. Where do we go – to hell , heaven or get rotted under the soil? None of us know it and the dead dont say it too. But we are afraid of it. Its is said 90% of our fear are imaginary.

Coming back to my story – we somehow managed the night without opening the door. The next day I was narrating this story to one of my friend; He was listening to it with a gentle smile and left me . He came back with a bunch of guys who pleaded sorry to us. One tall guy called Muthu told me “Actually its me – staying couple of rooms away from you ; who knocked your door yesterday to check whether you had some water. But you people assumed me to be a senior and I continued to play the plot initiated by you”. I laughed for a while and came back to my room. I understood this incident was not just to laugh at ; . Had I have opened the doors I would have found out its nothing to fear at , at the first instant itself. Even if we ha d our seniors things wouldnt have messed up more than the extent to what we did because of our imaginations.My thoughts told me most of the problems in life were of similar kind. We are afraid to face the problems and close our doors and imagine our own version of the problem which are in actual far worse than the real ones

Friends ensure that you have your doors open to problems and let the problems face you rather than you facing the fear. Open the doors……


10 Responses to Toastmaster – Project -5 Open the door

  1. Ashok says:

    Dey u became a master in talking it seems.. the comparison is damn good.. infact it awaked me dude… so i should keep my door open eh!

  2. Glad that it helped you.Nope da… My speech was not as good as the script! Anyway I feel the improvement from who i was. Thats why i keep dragging you to open your doors to toastmasters.

  3. Vijay says:

    A very nice story. You made me read until the end. LOL grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….lol

  4. Sathyavijayan says:

    Good post dude. It shows how even small incidents like this can be real eye-openers.

  5. Nithin says:

    Cool narrative dexi!! That intro of Gobi is just too good.. Man,we sure would have had our door broken that instannt if his snoring had gotten to the ‘seniors’ .. 😉

    btw how could u miss a couple of funniest happenings that night.. when we were crouching down in fear,ramana in half-sleep was repeatedly hanging his foot in the air over our heads.. and di’nt we have a hard time trying to keep it down?

    Towards the end,me offering to go out so that the rest of us would be saved(as the guys outside were gtting exceedingly rash) and you arguing that nobody is to face this alone,and that both of us need to be together and go thru the ragging if need be.. Absolutely selfless!! 😉

    That seriously was an exciting night..

  6. ananth says:

    dei… did u send a link to ramanan? looks like you’re reading a lot of chetan bhagat..

  7. No dont send it to that guy..he will claim copyright.. There are only three chetan’s !

  8. Gopinath says:

    I enjoyed it. It reminded me of my first year in college (KREC now NITK) in 1980 when we freshers used to have similar experience. One of the unwritten rules of ragging which our seniors used to follow was not to disturb a person if he was asleep. So we used to keep the doors unlocked in the afternoons and pretend to have siesta.
    I am planning my Project 5 speech later this month. One of the topics I am considering is my experience on getting ragged.

  9. Deepak says:

    @Gopi:Glad that you enjoyed the speech.For sure ragging is the funniest part of college and it provides ample scope for project-5

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