Atlas Shrugged —

Well… Gone to much ..Even Reached the Galts Gulch so that my aim of revising the book with blog posts seems impossible now. But let me try to sum up what I have in mind. We were mostly dealing with Hank-Dagny love in the previous sessions. Now life is becoming more difficult for both those industrliasts. Hank is being suspected by his material wife. The state brings in more and more customs. The principle behind making new laws  is to get more law breakers and make them feel guilty for doing so. However Hank doesnt even have a tad bit of guilt for his deeds. But what can one  or two brains could do to the world. All the industrialists are disappearing without notice and things are getting even more difficult.

Hank surrenders for one such guilt of his and Dagny goes in exile. Dagny returns when she couldnt stand the way the blow of a transcontinental tunnel. Things totally go hapless in the world with each day. The determination of Dagny is what kept holding me to the novel. Meanwhile francisco develops a good relationship with Hank and we get to learn a lot about him. Its where we feel a element of mystery and we could guess that he must have something to do with the Destroyer. Dagny was so curious about the motor — Even she questions herself of what use the motor will be in a world which cant use it. But something keeps her running behind it and she is set to meet Daniel on hearing about his resignation. Dagny goes in search of him – what comes in as surprise is that she finds the inventor of motor also in the search.

Let me stop this synopsis mode for it didnt serve the purpose. Will have to re read it again to compile the nuggets.

They pass a law proclaiming national emergency underwhich everything including Rearden Metal becomes nationalised. Dagny gets frustrated and swears not to work anymore for Taggart but also swears that she wont give up to the destroyer who is taking everyone. She goes to an untold place for a life long vacation.

Hank is being black mailed quoting his relationship with Dagny and Rearden metal is being taken by government. Things gets worst at Taggart International without the brain behind in it. Wow… This is were I got hooked to Atlas Shrugged. The way the ineptitude and the current system


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