Weather report inside the heart

I knew I am crazy.. But its a way of life for me to create ado around something and celebrate it. In that context current fuss is around Varanam ayiram album. I am overdoing it to an extent that my room mates are bored of that song.:)

Now lets get to this misterpiece from thamarai..

Nenjukkul paeithidum maamazhai
Neerukkul mulkidum thaamarai
Sarrendru maaruthu vaanizhai
Pennae un mel pizhai… hoohoo

Wow thats the extreme of creativity.She gets us a weather report inside the heart.This is really a welcome change from the user lines which make butterflies fly in the belly.  “Sarrendru maaruthu vannizhai…” Yep when you are with your love /near your love it happens.

And the highlight of this verse is the way she ends it “Pennae un mel pizhai ..”

Guess Varanam Ayiram is one of the best in terms of lyrics;

“Thula thatil unnai vaithu – nigar seya ponai vaithal

Thula baram thorkathoo pene…”

All I can say about this album is..

“Thinam thinam ketane… ketathum thotrane..

ithanai nallaga unnai naan kekamal enna naan seitheneooo”

Peerless is mad of Varanam ayiram and his love!


2 Responses to Weather report inside the heart

  1. Karmughil says:

    Wow..really great…
    U n me relished d the same lines of the poetess Thamarai…

    “Pennae Unn Mael Pizhai”…. we shall give her One Million Dollar for that verse… Great !!! right???

  2. Yep.. It means a lot when i associate those songs with the thing I love

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