Atlas Shruggs – VI – Ride on the JG line

I had to admit that the secret of my energy these days is Atlas Shrugged. I am feeling it now in my veins rather in my thoughts.The last two days read was the chapter on “John Galt Line” and I would mark it as a classic and will read those pages whenever I need an inspiration. It was the description on the victory ride Dagny and Hank makes on July 22 – A ride which every human longs for and only the determined makes it, A ride which gives the strength and pleasure for the many to follow,A ride which makes the world watch you and get inspired, a ride which everyone should seek – so that the world is made a better place. In many ways these few pages have created a huge impact within me. I am not going to describe the story intertwined in those pages for I dont remember it. I was completely lost in travelling along with Hank and Dagny trying to impersonate their feelings.

I am lying my own John Galt line and these pages gave me the strength something akin to what Rearden Metal has been for the John Galt line. The feeling of victory and joy is the noblest thing in the world -much more stable and powerful than the orgasmic joy (Ayn rand makes the latter to be the successor of the former! )

Ellis Wyatt joins Rearden and Dagny and hosts them a dinner – the meeting of the Spartans; Again I would love to be in such a meeting celebrating the success with those people who knows the value of it. Let me wait for my JG line to be laid. And the chapter ends with Dagny making love (can i call it so!??) with Rearden. And Ayn Rand is marvellous with her words ” Loose muscle,hanging lips and mindless hunger ” .. God she is elucidating one of the greatest question in my mind. “Whats the best thing that can happen to a human?”

My question was to choose among two but she says that its the combination of both and that too in the right order and right place!


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