Atlas Shruggs V

Some nasty bill on equal oppurtunity is being passed which makes Hank Rearden sell his ore factory.Hanks secreatary breaks in to tears on hearing it.But Hank says her that he has not fallen to such a position yet. Hank was running out of strength-he tries to dismiss this as a bad day and feels everything would be all right when he wakes up. Not that all the evils will vanish but he would get back his strength to combat them. He says he needs to be strong because people like Ward and Eve derive strength from him. But whom does he support to derive the same strength from.That question keeps lingering on his mind.

“Thought is the tool by which one makes a choice! And choice is what decides our course of life !”. He slowly recollected the golden days –his first day at the ledges or the ores.He looked back at his past accomplishmenmts and it seemed like he is not an easy loser. He thought of the bridge which he is planning for the JG line. There it happened some amazing idea of combining the truss with an arch splashed in his mind and he started drawing something out of it. That resulted in a long distance call an hour later to inform Dagny that he has designed a bridge much cheaper and stronger than the one he had sent few days ago.

Ayn rightly brings to forefront the importance of thoughts and stresses that actions are the best way to get out of any bad phase..

The scene moves to TI where Eddie wonders why he was chosen for the acting vice president role and why Dagny should be denied the credits she deserved.Then it shifts to JG office where Dagny feels the same desolateness as felt by Hank Rearden. She felt as if there should be something to drive her love for the rails and she felt the lust but she wanted it to be satisfied only by a equally capable being.

“There was an unbreakable link between her love for work and the desire of her body – as if one were the completion of the other ”

Meanwhile Hank completes selling his mines and Hank has called up Eddie for a break fast meeting. Hank gives TI an extension of six months to settle its dues to Rearden Metal.Eddie was surprised and thanks Hank for it. But at the same time he questions why this act of charity by Hank. Hank says that he does this on a selfish note – which was enabled only by his enemies. There I see the power of converting the negatives to positives. Durango rails are scheduled to stop on July 25 and the John Galt was aimed to run on July 22. That almost seems like a battle to me. A battle against the odds by two superior humans who were filled with hope -Dagny and Hank Rearden! The public opinion is against Rearden Metal and especially against the John Galt line which uses Rearden metal. But dagny is least worried about it. She was threatned not to do it by the comittie. She says that they have no right to interfere in her choice and riding on JG line is a choice for them to make in which she wont interfer.

She calls up for volunteers to run the first rail for which she gets a huge response from TI engineers. Thats for sure a moment of celebration – but she asks her supporters to wait for a week for the real celebrations to begin.

Below are few quotes from todays read/.

“A man who drove himself without pity towards what he wanted— ”

On Jim by Hank — “They are on the roof of our rails and we have enough power to carry them along”.

Calendar motor 🙂

“People said it because other people said it”

“Looking at the barn after the horse has escaped”


John Galt line is coming up against all odds.!


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