Atlas Shruggs – iv The john galt line

Crossed page 200 today! Truly the story gets rolling just now. Dagny is certain that she should build the Reo line and tries in all possible ways. The national science institute issues a memo against the Rearden metal which makes life difficult for Hank and Taggart International.

Dagny speaks with the institute chair but in vain. Every character echoes a desolate mood and hopelessness. Dagny holds her spirits high and vows to form a separate company taking leave of absence from Taggart International to built the new line. She wants the new line to be called as The John Galt line. She prefers that name because that sounds synonymous to THE IMPOSSIBLE. She pleads Franscisco for investing in her new company but he refuses to do so and also refuses to spell the rationality behind his behaviour.

Dagny meets Hank and Hank gives her the plan for the new bridge and Hank Rearden was her only hope.Their discussions was very impressive and I feel pleading “Dagny please dont ever lose in your venture for I see my impossibilities have resemblance with your deeds!” And infact I had derived lot of confidence and hope from todays read. Mr.Ward asks rearden for metal ;at at time when his factory couldnt afford it.\

But Rearden feels “That he could take ten new problems at once. He felt as if this were the world where nothing seemed impossible” That feeling groped him because of the success which is shaping up with the John Galt line. A success could mean a lot which can be the seed of many more to come. I have seen Hank Rearden personally in the form of KR- Our Manager.

The current world economy more or less resembles with the one depicted in the novel.All the leading investmenet firms are out of business and everybody is whining about the declining economy and falling markets. Waiting for the JOHN GALT who could give me the reason behind all this.

Peerless Inc should start the JOHN GALT project soon. I get reminded me of this line “Nothing is impossible when it comes to love”! Oh my love give me the courage and power to take up the JOHN GALT project!


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