Atlas Shrugs -III

I couldnt think of a better way of starting the day other than reading Ayn.

We were in Lillian’s party yesterday.We saw Franscisco entering the party and Hanks despise for him. But after some time Franscico went directly to Hank and expressed that he wished to talk with him.

Ayn puts it as “The action of naming an incident rather than evading it ,was so unlike ….” while referring to it.Franscico says to Hank that he has come here to talk with him. Hank wonders what he has got to do with him for which Franscisco says that he has to get acquainted to him to learn a thing from him. A huge discussion gets started b/w them on whether to have a discussion.

Dagny is shown hearing the conversation between the two men. I could see a different sense in Dagny this evening. She admires Hank more than usual sometimes for reasons outside business too. She also fumbles for words when Hank comes near her. I later found the same with Hank too. And the funny thing for me was she exchanging her diamond bracelets for Lilian’s Rearden metal bracelets. Lillian was showing her that this bracelet was so special for her since it was the first one made out of her husbands furnace. And when Lillian quoted that she would exchange for diamond ones but no one would offer to so to just gloat that she values it the most. Everyone in the party was surprised when Dagny offered to exchange her diamond ones for those bare metal.

Some nuggets from Dagny-Hank conversation…
“Party’s – are places where people strain themselves to me more sense less and aimless …”
“In order to get all the goods, one should at the first need them ..”

Also I could see Dagny regretting that she had revealed more of herself to Hank .. I couldnt get that. If you can please let me know.

We get some innuendos about John Galt and a pirate through two spinsters. Hank is shown ogling at Dagny and Ayn once writes..

He said looking at her body ..”Dagny what a wonderful waste!” Thats not a quote of lust. Ayn wants us to think on the purpose of life. Its for what the philosophical professors are bought in to the meeting. On the overall it was a nice party to attend with most of the characters coming in to a single place. Franscisco-Hank conversation was the highlight of the party.

Hasnt it always been hope but never to achieve.. Man that line triggers me!Then we are taken in to bedroom of Lillian where we enter the brain of Hank exploding the compelling questions of humanity examining the purpose of a relationship. Hank was wondering why Lillian married him? Though she didnt come from a royal family she had enough and she never seeked money from him; neither did she found joy in his industrial ventures; She did not show any sign of physical attraction for Hank; She had her own friends and her own life yet she behaved like a wife for Hank bearing him. Hank’s thoughts travelled back to ten years when he first met her in New York. He is a kind of guy who never liked anyone or expected to be liked. Further Hank had own every inanimate battle against nature except for one which he needed Lillian.He lost his interest in her after their first week of marriage but yet everythig happened like a custom for all these years.

Hank went on examining the reason “What did she want from me?”Thats a question we should ask in any relation ship for it to sustain.

Atlas will shrug….


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