Atlas Shrugs -II

Dagny continues her conversation rather altercation with Franscisco in the hotel room. She actually was in search of some ratiocination behind Franscisco’s action. Neither I nor Dagny couldnt sort out the reason behind the nonchalance of the once mighty and determined Franscisco. He told her that all some of his acts might hurt her and he had no other choice left other than doing those and asked her not to be surprised when she faces it. With that the downfall of Fransciso portryal continues and concludes. But still they love each other and its where Ayn Rand impresses her. Though Dagny seems to tolerate all the acts of Frans keeping in mind the relationship they shared years ago she is slowly thinking to get rid of him from her life and this again proves that one cant lose your qualities to the wild game of nature called love. Even in love you should makes sure that you dont lose your self for the sake of the other person.

From there the focus moves to the mine man Hank Raden who was forced to attend the party arranged by his wife commemorating their wedding anniversary. Hank realises that he had not given any kind of pleasure for his family and he so far has lived a life so preoccupied with the business. Now he thinks is the time to serve them. But the glow of the metal is more interesting to him than anything. But he is shown having a self reproach on himself.

“Whenever he convinces himself something is right the desire to follow it comes so naturally”..

We get to meet some interesting nuggets from various invites in the party.
Prof.Pritchett says “Man is nothing but an assortment of chemicals with delusion of grandeur”.
He further adds that the purpose of life is not to find it but rather to understand that there isn’t any.

Philosophers were here to explain that life is not to be explained.Then we see the surprise guests The Taggarts entering the party hall and Dagny gets more attention than her brother.

“Your sister is quite famous”… ” I am not aware that my sister is famous ” … James is always in contempt when it comes to her.

The discussion also revolved on the equality bill with most of the guests being in support of it. Ayn expediently exposes the absurdity in the bill by taking it to the writers.That no book should be sold more than 10000 copies no matter how great and good they might be. Full marks to her. That clearly brings out the havoc in such acts.

Dagny approaches Hank and I assume she wants to get her and the rail roads laid by him.~

My todays sojourn stops here.


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