38 th Wordsmiths toast Master meet

It was my first day as Sergeant at Arms in my club. It a heavy role for sure, I am quoting at the bag I need to carry to and fro.Luckily I had a friend to help me for the to and our very able Vivek for fro.

I was there in advance – to put up the banners and the placards. Managing people and sharing -rather making people do their work is the most demanding challenge to the human hood and you can learn a plenty of them when you are in toast masters. When I was checking with everyone whether I can start I was told that when the clock strikers four its my decision to start leaving others worries to them! Thats a real nugget – its the sign of better men management like that chinese cliche about fish.

I fumbled while starting the meeting since I didnt prepare quite enough for it. I forgot to mention to mute the mobile phones and when fellow toastmasters shown symbolic gestures I didnt get it quick enough. Thanks for the toastmasters to bear my mistakes and i guess this new role is beautiful. I am the first speaker and the face of toastmasters for the next one year. That excites me for sure.

Vivek was the stand-in president and the enthusiastic Zac was our toastmaster of the day.He spoke on how general electric did his hiring. Enthusiasm – energy – energize -execution were the four E’s they look for when you go to them for a job. I liiked that energize part.

Aditya- the youngest president among all the clubs in the universe was our general evaluator for the day. Krishna Prasad was our joke master and he spoke about the mom who tried hard to send her troubled child to school. We couldnt stop laughing when the mom asked her child not to try to play any truants – “Son you are 52 years old and you are the principal of the school.”

When it came to the prepared speeches I observed a good practise. Zac first mentioned the speech and asked the evaluator to read out its objectives only after which he read out the speakers name. Thanks. I was struggling with this.!

Gaurav Jain did his ice breaker – and his life should be inspiring. Unconventionally he has chose to work very early in life and he has already started reaching up the ladder. He seems to have the niche to speak and I will be very glad seeing him realize his ability and giving some awesome speech.

Anupam -The man of determination told us the story of Abhinav Bhindra for his project-5 .It was a perfect topic for the speech “No Pain No Gain” . Words really started flowing from his mouth at a point. “No body had belief in him except him”. Those were the only words I wish to take home that evening. Thats inspiring Dr.Anupam.

Sastha Ram – Was presenting his project nine. The man has a commending authority and he spoke on “What right do you have “. He enacted a conversation first – dropped it there went on to the greetings and back in the introduction he referred to the conversation and that was magical. His presentation was good and could have been a world famous speech if he had little more care for the content to be aligned with his objective. When I spoke later with him I found that he had a noble objective but couldnt find time to put that together. All the best man. Would like to hear the same speech with your best abilities for I know that its going to be one of the best.

I am going to write a separate post on Table Topics since it would extend the already lengthy description.

Lalitha – the sympathetic evaluator did a great job evaluating Jain. Hari was inspiring Anupam and Ravi was sharp on target and didnt have even sweet coating for his pills! (Thats Ravi for you !) Overall that was three different evaluations each standing as one of the reasons why you should attend toastmasters.

Sastha was the best speaker and Lailitha was the best evaluator of the day. With that the president closed the meeting and we had a business meeting after the meet.

Our next meet is on Oct-4. We meet at Anna Nagar towers club Chennai. If you are inclined to check it out drop me a mail @ peerlessdeepaks@gmail.com.


2 Responses to 38 th Wordsmiths toast Master meet

  1. Nina John says:

    Great analysis, Deepak. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Mam! We missed you in the table topics!

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