Atlas shruggs- 1

After about 20 days I am hitting page 100 in Atlas shrugged.I hope from now I would get hooked to hit and even beat the schedule. Francisco has just entered my life and he seems to be THE MAN!I want to have this moments freezed ever for my life. I cant let me forgot what i am reading now.! So comes this series.

“Felt the sun on her eyelids,and the upward thrust of such an immense relief that she ground her feet in to the grass under her sandals,because she thought she would rise weightless throughout the wind ”

Of aimless people dragging the load of some unkown guilt – was not theirs //

Have it ..I dont know whether its an impending love story but I would like to make my love this way–She looked it him silently as if a voice was speaking : “Not the things that are but those we will make …” ! Dream aim goal and passion .!
“We are not to be stopped…you an I ..Forgive me the fear if I thought I could lose you to them…Forgive me the doubts ……..”

A nugget to me “Its not good to venture unsolicited opinions.You should spare yourself the embarrassing discovery of their exact value to the listener..” Gosh the last 5 pages were the best I have read anywhere.

There is nothing of importance in this world except how well I do my work

“They disliked me not that I didnt do well but for i did them very well”

Dagny you are wonderful now… she says “I thought you always thought that way:(” . Marriage of the intellectuals is happening here.Come and join me!

Lets see who will do great..Either you to Nat or Me to Sebastian de Anconia!@ The race starts!

Dagnys mother — watched her daughter in a sense of bewilderment.She could have forgiven all the omissions but one:Dagny showed no interest for me ha ha aha ha aha ….
And the question is asked “Dagny and Franscico.. ” She says “Its nor a romance .its an international industrial cartel about something”.

Thats 100 up and because of this blogging I am slowing my pace.Its worth spending time for it. One couldnt guess what kind of relationship both these guys are heading too.. Again I get an insight on how important and influential the childhood dreams are. Franscisco – A character which any aimer would love to emulate. Wow.. the slap he gave to her for her intention to be popular.I felt it in my chins too:) Further never be afraid of a danger for its an opportunity for another brilliant performance. Easily said but Ayn Rands style illustrates it and gets the real meaning which is beyond the words in to your brain.
once Dagny asks “Dont you know anything other than that.(Embedded for me!) ..There are plenty of things to think about”
He says “Let others think about it!”

Pages 90-100 Simply superb!Here I am 15 days behind schedule but guess I am going to catch up with it soon!


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