Live film blogging..!

Pearl day today..! What better way to say when they are screening two Mani Ratnam movies parallely (I have watched them umpteen times yet its special when you catch them unplanned.). Since none of my friends could join me in enjoying this movie..i thought to attempt at live blogging..

Its almost an hour since both the movies started.

Kanathil Muthamital..

The bed room scene where the entire family sleeps on the father ..typical scene for a photoshoot.Watch out for curious questions of the little girl. “Kasu kuduthu vanganigala appa…” — for which her dad says “Unakku vela ethu da kannu”

Gripping scenes where the little girl gets emotional on her neglect. Simran is stunning with her expressions.Infact this is the only movie where i fell for her:) Hiya …the flashback is on the roll.

Scenic beauty of Rameswaram is awaiting us..

Lets also have a look at Guru is:

Here also its a bed room scene ..Nenga etha athigama nesikiranga .is it me or your buisness..? Asks aish.. KM simran looks cute than guru ash. Guru goes to the market only to see it banned by government.

Doesnt look impressing so back to Kanna..

Wow…that beautiful romance b/w the scooter and cycle is on. The pavadai thavani some how looks odd for that tall girl. A.R.Rahaman treats us very specially with his background score.Simran and Maddy resides nearby. Sociology exam for simran 2mrrw:) “oru naliku etha thada vada pova” – A young mother at her child.

The scooter cycle ride continues.Wow what a request from Maddy to keep her quiet! Thiru Selvan thats how he is named in this movie.There is the heroine of the film completly naked:) She doesnt even have a name by now.. They are going to name her…avalathu azhugai amuthamaga olithathu..! So here goes the name Amutha..

“Paru Srilanka pakam kai katranga”— witty dialogue. Maddy steals the show without doing anything. A.R. gets that melody in the background. “Enna veiyathioo…” at the condition of child.. “athu ellam check paniduvanga”..simran..!

Guru: Party in guru’s home. Celebration time. Guru ” ethu varaikoom shakthi kudubam has worked for 18 hours here after we should work for 25 hours” All the employees share the happiness. “When you stop dreaming its the end of your life” ! Daring guru reminds me of taggart from The Atlas shrugged”

I know that some not be missed romantic scenes are coming up in KM..

“I am going to suicide”.. simran.. I will write a story on it –Maddy. What wat a sister! she encourages her brothers love. Love is after all not a crime as people portray! Necessity is the mother of invention. And here again a necessity to marry simran is created ………………..


Shit i lost about an hours blog due to my shabby internet connection! Missed it !


2 Responses to Live film blogging..!

  1. Karmughil says:

    Pakka elucidation of KM’s droplets…
    Especially the converations between the characters coming by….
    I think, nothing worked out for U rightly on that day except the post that U’ve blogged, which you did accidentally!!!!

    I just love it.

  2. Glad that you liked it….

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