Three Mistakes

Chetan Bhagat – He is the one who made me realise that reading a fat (even two hundred pages for a book makes me think it untouchable) novel is no rocket science. My inclination in to the world of fiction started only beacause of his five point someone. Not only me many average Indian boys and girls started reading because him (Those peter groups who just keep some shidney sheldom books to show off are exceptions).

Let me get to the three mistakes. My mistake so far is not reading three mistakes for a very long time. I have been used to Chetan’s style and seeing his inclination to make scripts for Bollywood I thought its not going to be worth the time.(Money was never a problem with Chetan’s books..IIM part of him plays the trick here..:))  The back cover and the first two pages suggested that its yet another book made to deceive people by enumerating their mundane experiences with an animated narration. So this book didnt get my time till I found it lying in one of my friends room with no takers for a week end.

After IIT and call centre Chetan has choosen small town as his setup for there are more small towns than IIT’s and call centres in India. The novel starts with cricket in the back drop and to my surprise it just starts with it but along with it the author has mixed entreprenuership, romance,communal violence,sportsmanship,patritotism.There it go – any bollywood producer would be happy to give it a try. With little modifications it can even me the next ChakDe (The last few pages of the novel was like a screen play written for a movie).

Though its a welcome change to see the literature and movies getting married, it not good to let the tone of movies set in to the former. Only thats the mistake with three mistakes. Its was a racy read apart from that (Considering the amount of distractions I had in my two hour read I guess one page is worth less than 30 seconds!) The novel is very simple that you can suggest it to even your sixth standard brother (But be careful! Some parts of the novel needs parental guidance ..may be tear thos e pages which are meant to sizzle teens:)).

I spot three reasons to read three mistakes.

My main reason for liking the novel for its portrayal of enterpeneurship among middle class boys and underplaying professional courses.Second is the way he connected history (Slew of cricket tours,godhra incidents and communal politics.

Next reason is of course vidhya!:) (Chetan you wanted that huh!)Vidhya’s confidence and take easy attitude is difficult for a girl to acquire and a logical boy like me (The protagonist is a maths teacher) can do little help for not falling for her.

There is so much in to this short novel (The once fat chetan novels are now slim like me for me:)) and if you havent read that that might turn to be one of the mistakes of your life!


4 Responses to Three Mistakes

  1. bookcrazy says:

    The Three Mistakes of Chetan bhagat, in order are:

    1. Five Point Someone
    2. One Night in the Call Centre
    3. The One this review is about.

    He is an ordinary writer, with no ability to use the language. His stories are like night time gossip that men do in hostels. And all his novels are stretched short stories, never interesting enough.

    Still, he is probably the ‘literary genius’ of the masses. I wonder!!

  2. Yep… But I see his book as a gateway for many youngsters to get in to books in the world where hardly they find time and mind for books.

  3. Sudhanshu says:

    “Three Mistakes of My Life” was really a lousy novel. I felt that this novel was written just to make his novel commercially successful. Inclusion of Gujrat riots , sex and cricket, to whom, every Indian can relate to, has been written about. truly speaking, i felt it was the composition of 3-4 stories written in any road side magazine.

  4. Yep.. I agree with that.. Its nothing but a rehash of his masala formula

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