Close to one month since I got that much vaunted change. Busy week ends and il health didnt give me  growth as i had expected.But in a way i feel a difference between my past attempts and current one. I play down my excitment and making use of both the times when i am excited to the core and other extremes.

Yesterday as froward was mentioning it was a good day for us at work(Only for us not for our masters!) Put along with the mailing list the discussion we had with my team made it clear that stupidity and more importantly exposing it is the secret to success. Its very important not to take assumptions and continue to convert them in to questions. Never settle for your own or someone else assumptions. More important than questions is seeking answers for those.

Once Froward and myself were excited with the book of answers ; Now i feel its imperative  that I need to write a book(blog) of questions to keep things excited. Every invention and discovery seems to be the answers to some stupid question of noble minds.

In the world ruled by google and recorded by wiki it isnt that difficult to reach for answers. I am going to take this very serious and bring up in my company’s board meet (Peerless inc) 🙂 Questions might be as complex as “how flushing at toilets work” to  simple questions like “How do dreaming occur”.  Once upon a time I measured my satisfaction by the number of words I gain access to in each day. But from today I am going to use questions as my barometer.

One simple question like “why dont the apples fall upwards? ” can simply turnaround not only your life but that of the entire universe.


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