Dreams – Logs of our brains memory manager?

After a day where i was asked to explore how the operating system handle’s memory management one incident also evoked my interest and wonder for the tiny little sand mass we carry with us.

First let me narrate a dream of mine which I had today..with real life pointers to them inside the braces

“I was meeting one of my school friend in his home after a long time (he wrote me a testimonial few days ago..so i must be thinking of him). it was some festive day for which we were to home town(reminding me the sweets we had for Krishna jayanthi..). I was asking about his work for which he told that he manages two to three CPU’s with a single monitor(The dream was really funny for the way he explained how he does it. . It was replica of the way I had described clustering to myself). He was also refering that his job was to save remote problems (This is about Remote infrastructure management and even @ dream I started started thinking about friedmans World is flat…).

My social awakardness was also screened in my dreams (my concern to work on that in recent days). And when it was time to return to my home i had to take my cycle and i had noticed low charge in my mobile (My mobile was low on charge yesternight:)). And when I was about to start my ride his dad came and stopped me thinking whether I need to change my decision because its already dark and some scavengers are at the outskirts to take my belongings (This should be the thought about few ppl who attempted to get some money from me yesterday at VPLN bustand) I was really scared but i knew I had very little to loose (Here it is I opened my purse and that seemed to contain the exact amount I had in reality) I told his dad that I dont have much cash with him. Anyway he was not happy with me going in a cycle.

So he asked me to wait for a bus before making a decision. Then when the bus came he stopped the bus and went to the driver and asked for something (It was a deluxe bus..it had doors). He was asking whether any rogues were active for which driver mentioned some street name and named some guy who was there(Amarkalam effect i guess… Yesterday i watched a movie ..amarkalam where the protagonist is a rogue … I had the same street coming up in dream..).

Then inside the bus the conductor was asking me to go inside with due respect (One quality which was different and I admired yesterday during my way back to room). And at the next stop few persons with serious wounds as a result of fire accident were getting in (I dont know whether this is a premonition even if its that I am not going to belive it …but this is because of a thought of mine of how should I be prepared for fire accidents at all the places related to me..like taking measures to safeguard your degree certificates and other important worthless paper.)

It didnt stop with that..the rumblings continued inside the bus and I was told that its because of a fire accident at a place where some college students have gathered for some meeting (I got back to my college days..recollecting all my failed attempts towards my dreams..) Within the dream I was saying that every soul runs after getting some sort of branding. I was saying alound to myself that its not bad to get failed in a attempt or two or more.All those failures will help you in shaping your success…(That’s Randy Pausch’s last lecture…) And when I did all these I knew that i had a good dream and woke up.


Everyday I used to curse myself for waking up beyong my marked time (For the past two weeks it’s been a habit to get up near 8:00) luckily today i saw 6:40 AM in my mobile but got back to sleep by some unknown factors. And woke up only at the new found habit of 7:46AM but i am happy for doing so today because i got the above dream only in that interim period.!


Dreams have always had more concern in my thought process and todays dream has raised my curiosity towards it. So I have two memories to uncover 😦

Bookmarking,paging,segmentation,virtualisation,mmap,ioremap and many more buzzwords lie beneath your silicon box’s ability to remember what you want to know. But whats those behind  your brains!!


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