Best Series: Best Director

Warning: The results were based on a survey conducted by the writer among a select group of people and the opinions expressed were by a naive movie watcher who hardly knows whats happening behind the screens. But even then the writer believes he has the freedom to express his views from his view!Please forgive him in case you find anything offensive.

75 years has rolled out since the silver screen images started speaking tamil.You can hardly find any difference between the hollywood movies made in the early 80’s and recent movies. Those people have almost saturated in terms of filmmaking in those days itself.
But in our case even if a movie release gets delayed two or three years after its making – it’s sure to get bombed in the box office. That is mainly because of the rapid growth we are having in terms of technology.Trends are changing on positive notes in kollywood and I thought of starting a series of posts on Tamil movies. Here comes the first post picking a best director!

I have circulated a question among my friends asking them to nominate the best director in tamil filmdom and this post and the results were completely based on it.

I belong to the early 20’s – Most of the survey respondents were born during mid 80’s and hence these results were biased on their exposure to movies during these period.

It was only during my college days I discovered that pearl man.From then we started to watch a movie from different aspects other than the story.

In this post I spell out some words about the top contenders for the award and at the end let me conclude by picking the winner.


We could have hardly watched any flick as director’s movies in our childhood since we were are all unanimously ruled by the SuperMan shows of Rajini. I could remember Shankar was the first director who got some brand image during my early teen days.He carved out a brand for himself and now he got trapped in to it. He makes it big and safer too – so the producers go gaga after him. I would rate him as the most successful commercial director among the other contenders here.

Strength: Stunning Visuals and right mix of masala
Far from Reality


People of my generation didnt get much to watch him. So he didnt get as many votes as he might have deserved in my survey. He would have hardly given 5-10 movies when people of my generation started watching movies.Many of us knows his him as a great director but hardly any of us could have felt is greatness. He is such a candid creator who believes only in his scripts rather than anything else. But all his recent attempts at the main screen turned out to be big flops. One must watch his 60’s and 70’s movies before judging him. More than his movies I like his personality – A martinet and a guy who strives perfection.

Strength: Script and casting
Melodramatic themes


Though he has directed only countable number of movies he entered this survey for one of his ghost directed movie “Anbe Sivam”. Many of us beleive that most of the movies were directed by Kamal rather than the claims made in the title cards.
Though I would rate Anbe Sivam as my personal best movie ever I couldnt give Kamal the best director title. But he has an exceptional talent to port good concepts from other languages(english especially) in to good tamil movies. Though Anbe Sivam was inspired from Planes,Trains and Automobiles , it stands our far ahead in terms of making. Kamal deserves pat for his passion and desire to do new experiments.

Strength: He gets good inspiration (He uses his dvd library well);Passion
Experimenting beyond the limits


I never thought he could make it to this list but even tamil superstars are fond of him ! He is said to be the best commercial director tamil filmdom has ever produced.Muthu,Padayapa,Thenali and finally dasavatharam are his magnum opus.
His first movie “Puriyadha Puthir” is a far better and different crime thriller.He could have even given us a better Sivaji!

Strength: Excellent in managing and integrating big projects
His scripts hardly appeals you


The name has it – He is the peerless Pearl man of Indian Cinema.He is farahed behind his competitors winning more than 75% hearts in my survey.He is the only director who got exposed to our generation in his heydays. Other greats were either outdated or in making during our days. He has innate talent of mixing a moral and a story and presenting with great elan.
He has inscribed his trademark in each and every scene – You can identify any of his movies by just watching for 10 seconds.
People have claimed all of his films ranging from anjali to Guru as their personal bests.Romantic scenes in his movies are second to none. Be it roja or Kanathil mutamital he stands out in those sizzling scenes. Mouna ragam is even greatly acclaimed. Kanathil Mutamital is my personal best which scores a perfect ten in all departments. Without any doubts he is the king of tamil filmdom

Strength: Excellent scripts with well supported technicians
Cant think of one!He is staying away from tamil often

Few others like Ameer(All of his movies are different from the previous one..He is the one to look for!),Mahendran (I have not seen much of him to comment on him…Jhonny was exceptionally good) got a vote each. I was disappointed to see Jeeva,Vasanth,BaluMahendra,BharathiRaja(16 vayathinile is a rocking movie!) going without any votes.

Array of new directors:

Tamil filmhood is noted for its technical excellence and in the recent past there have been many new entrants with promising movies. Bala has already carved a niche for him.Vasantha Balan,Pulikesi maker,Copy cat Gowtham Menon (Though he copies he is stylish!),SusiGanesan(Five star,ThirutuPayale is versatile),Mishkin (He makes gripping movies) ,Very recently sasikumar… are some promising aspirants for future crowning.

We have come to the end of the show and its time for results…

The Results:
Total Respondent: 25
Maniratnam :19.5
Shankar,K.S.RaviKumar,Mahendran,Ameer,Kamal – 1 each.

Hope none of you would appeal against the verdict.Looking for your comments broaching a healthy discussion on the cinema which we have enjoyed!

Peerless Deepak


8 Responses to Best Series: Best Director

  1. Anonymous says:

    dey dont you really dont have any work

  2. Anonymous says:

    Do u know Vijaya Ganesh .. i am his friend!!!!

  3. But who are you … How can I find out Vijaya Ganesh?

  4. Anonymous says:

    i am ur junior.. i think u r from ece dept.

  5. Your thoughts are correct..But its good to leave your name and place while posting comments. Thanks for chipping in chap.Which batch are you from?

  6. Yuvaraj says:

    i dont know tat i am messaging to the concerned person.. tats y mess without name.. ’04 – ’08 batch.

  7. Its okay.. Nope I am not gifted enough to know Vijay Ganesh.. Contact me at if you need any info..

  8. Yuvaraj says:

    Ya sure…

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