An eventful week end!

Life at peerless Inc has gone for a complete makeover. The geek is very excited about working with kernel and exploring the device model for linux. The gaiety is prone to continue atleast he finishes the honeymoon days with his new find love.

Let me capture what has happened this week end. It all started with the geek trying to complete his endianess blog -Sitting in the office skimming through various articles on a friday night. He decided its too much to chew for a friday evening and decided to start home. I was contended in many ways in which the week has gone so no big demands were there in the week end plan. Picked a fiction and technical book from my office library (Hurray! I am back in Vadapalani…Definetly the best of HCL’s facilities!)

Our manager Karthi was at his best this weekend (For many reasons..!)! He wanted me to complete the paper within the week end which I felt was impossible because i had only four hours for his paper during week end(But still he believes me for that work…Thats my manager!) .Read a couple of pages on WSN before the blankets covered me on friday.

Saturday! We the idly lovers woke up early and made sure that idly is being done for the break fast.(That in itself is a great start to the week end). Then I started the day with Kramer Vs Kramer – I brag myself that i am nonchalant to sentiments and relationships..But most of the movies which make it to my heart are dramatic and slushy movies.This kramer stuff is one such which portrays how a single father juggles his career and bringing up his cute little Billy. More on that deserves a separate blog.

By the time we have finished the movie KNBL was buzzing with activity with all our employes cum business partners (Else manager will scold me !) I could go as per my schedules but that didnt pressurise me .Mistakes are to be made! I did get started with Ayn Ryands Anthem in the middle. I did some washing to stick with the plans but not completely. I lost track of time and it was 3:30 when I started to T.Nagar for a event scheduled at 4:00 . Now i got much anger on myself for not keeping up time for external events. I showed up miserably at 4:50 PM at the spot (Poor Deepak..But its good in one way …Balachander was saying “You loose a lot by being punctual when others are being unpunctual “)

Anyway i got to make it a point to show up at promised times. The event is a launch of mentorship program for under privileged children studying in 8th-12th. I also vowed to take care of four children and started my discourse at them (Pity for them??? One lady who watched me speaking with them later had a doubt whether I work with HR — Am i so bad??? :)) A lot of things could have been different if we had got apt guidance at the expedient time and many things are different for us only because of the guidance we had from our elders during our days.

I blame myself a lot for being the first engineer from my family circle since I had to discover many of the myths on my own. My mother used to blame her dad for keeping her away from many of her interests.Thats how the blame circle goes on. It takes a generation to evolve and improve. Even now there are many children who are first timers in their family to school and higher education. In this competitive world they are definetly at the back seat when compared with other children with mentally wealthy parents. Even they can get financial help from some helping hands. But a moral help is difficult for kids. There are few good teachers but they are few in number and there are few good hearts like my colleague Sampath – who devised this plan. The plan is to monitor and mentor few children who are getting scholarship from a NGO. I willingly agreed to it.

At the meet I learnt a lot – IAS IPS aspirants were there and for sure being with young kids is the best way to lose your worries. I would like to hear more questions from them! For it is where the true search of knowledge is!

Then when I am back at KNBL I managed to get a good brinji rice from our cook and rushed to have a kofee with anu . It was the final episode with balachander and charuhassan (Too old but too good!)
Had been dog tired with the travel so inspite of mangers warning of very short time left for the paper i slept !

Sunday! Our cook took leave and we the idly lovers (Me and Venky) woke up early and made sure Idly was our agenda for the day by making it. We made onion chutney and the bowl was empty even before 2 members were yet to eat (That speaks on our talents Isnt?) But the real show was from the manager who went on to prepare a more delicious chicken gravy than our cook.

Even he was not sure on his abilities but didnt express it out (Thats the confidence I admire in him !) and went on to make the most perfect dish of recent times. He was so surprised of the result hence he called for a mini celebration where we danced to his tunes!

The taste of the dish will be evident by the fact that the bowl was empty within 10 minutes of the opening . Everybody went to sleep like a python which had taken a sumptuous lunch. LLG had been cancelled due to rains and this reason.

I again did some washing in the evening. Virumandi and PKM was going on in TV’s (Two good to be missed but I didnt had time) .Froward had invited me to the usual sunday walk. We went to connexxions and had some chitter chatter (our talks are better than any chat shows). Its a nice walk with drizzzles on and I a managed to get my money from him back by doing some swiping for me:)

I had almost fought with KNBLites and compelled them to try french toast for dinner which they were hesitant initially but gave consent because of me .But this froward dragged me to Virudhu nagar where we had a small but complete dinner .(Last week it turned out to be a flop when i was with the manager). Then when I headed back home Venky was done with the grocery purchase.

I didnt say them that i had my dinner for they would kick my butt off! It was almost half past ten when he broached about dinner. When I made french toast everyone went after it with the same interest they had for chicken gravy that afternoon (French toast became a hit and we added one more dish to our menu!)

Then I felt drowsy and decided to get to bed early but again it was made memorable by our bed time stories.Had a nice great complete sleep which made me awake by 5 AM (Sadly I spoiled my mood on my own and went back to bed only to get up 2 hrs later …airtel guys deserves the blame).

Though many of my tasks are still in pending state this week end is memorable and eventful because of the variety of events in it.

It reminds me of Kamal’s saying in virumandi “Santhosamna enna nu manasanukku anbuvikra appa theriyaathilla” Atleast i am knowing it by now!

Got to get ready for an eventful week ahead …Happy geeking geek.


2 Responses to An eventful week end!

  1. Ashok says:

    AMB 4 is best da 🙂

  2. Poda You dont have taste of VPLN…Its got the best library in HCL and best in everything! Currently my project 🙂

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