Miss toilet …..!Interval period!

MM… Its easy nowadays to piss off! That too in my current location I dont have any other form of entertainment. Atleast when I was in Vadapalani we had a nice lawn where i used to go for a stroll when I am stuck or in want of thoughts.But here in ambatur RestRooms (mm..You will understand how it got the name!!) are the only place where I can escape from eagle’s eyes and have some time apart from the regular shits at work πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

But things werent easy when I was a child! I remember a girl sitting next to me complaining to my dad who came to pick me up “Uncle Deepak drawerla uccha poitan…….” !!(Its in LKG guys….Ippa illam descent thaan)
It might be the kind of days where I dont know what to ask and whom to ask (ada natla ithuku illam permission kekanuma?).

May be after that incident my teachers would have became precautious and started running two train services a day! The train gets the green signal only if every compartment is on the track to ensure that no other boys ego gets a downfall (that too from a girl!!:().

Then we became big enough to break the trains in to small trams (std..4,5,6)… We used to have a gang and whenever the bell rings we used to call each other (The tram was now lengthier in the horizontal side compared to that vertical train) . There we go from one end of the other end! We strive for this walk during which we had lot to discuss (oru class na chumma illa ega patta poltics) ..Come the post exam days – We used to run a live feed of the totals of all the contenders for the top post! Alas.. Can you spot those girls hanging around the staff “Miss ethuku ara mark…total mistake …” All these happens only during these interval period.Some people will safeguard their marks like “SHITAMBRA ” RAGASIYAM.

Sometimes we will be late to the class after the interval period and we will fight among ourselves to push that first person in to ask that “Excuse me misss!!!” Things didnt change much during the rest of the school days. Its those five minutes ..11:00 to 11:05 ..May be 11:10.. where ppl kept thronging in the toilet rooms. Our school grew at a rapid pace..The first set of girls and boys toilets were converted to all boys toilets and equally spacious girls toilet(Promise i didnt check it out ..just from external view) was built up within five year of my schools inception.

Then i guess in my tenth standard we moved to this new building which was then in its making! So we didnt have any professional builtup toilets at that time …For the ones they had covered a small place in to several booth like setups with coconut leaves (Gooddammn !!!) For the bigger ones (twoos) you have to run half a kilometre to the old building! (I hate shitting in public toilets…So i never wanted that). When the study hours culture came in to existence our toilet duration extended. OOPS I could recollect the practise of updating the cricket match scores near our staff room to counteract with increased absence of students during match days!

As we grow old we never heard the usual “Miss Toilet … Sir toilet ” requests inside the classroom . I wonder why the nature didnt make a call to anyone in those days? And when i got in to college things turned topsy-turvy. The toilet periods where much longer than the regular classes. (Gosh they have cut down the neem trees where we used to stand during the pee hours)! Wierd in my colleges even toilets will be locked before nine and after five!

But neither college toilets nor hostel toilets are good places to hangout! We learned to do a lot of other auxiliary activities apart from the main thing.There will be a different array of things going on … Two or three in groups pulling each others leg, some one requesting cycles to go back to hostels… few others running in want of signatures in observation… a very few sitting inside the classes for a special mission!!

Looking back at all these I am glad that now I have attained independence and a good place to hangout. I need not ask any one’s permission and no one will question me where I come from. It has all changed from the shy three year old “Miss toileettu ” to the twenty five year old commanding ” I will be back in a minute !”

We keep growing!!

PS: I wrote this post to get in to form to prepare for my toast master project..It didnt help!


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